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NJ Acupuncture Center in Jersey City {and Bayonne}: Cosmetic Acupuncture

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Starting to feel like every time you look in the mirror there is a new line or wrinkle that was not there yesterday? Yes, the saga of the 20s/30s/40s — we know the feeling. Although aging is unavoidable, thankfully we have Ani Baran, owner and acupuncturist at NJ Acupuncture Center in Jersey City and Bayonne to give us the low down on cosmetic acupuncture. NJ Acupuncture has two great locations in Hudson County, one in Jersey City at 550 Newark Avenue {Suite 201} and the other in Bayonne at 777 Avenue C. Opening in June of 2016, NJ Acupuncture Center has quickly become a hub for mind and body wellness in the area.


Background on Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been done on the body for hundreds of years, healing many different types of ailments. More recently, men and women alike are starting to apply the procedure to their faces {yes this means tiny needles in your face but we promise it’s not that scary}. Ani explains, “Cosmetic Acupuncture improves muscle tone, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and frown lines. It reduces double chins and firms up a sagging jowl. These treatments help lift up drooping eye lids, clear out fat deposits, and improves facial color.” Many people wonder what the differences are between cosmetic acupuncture and a classic Botox treatment. While Botox promises many of the same improvements, there are many more side effects associated with Botox, being that cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic therapy and much more natural. And just a side note, cosmetic acupuncture boasts a much smaller price tag than a cosmetic Botox treatment.

The needles used for acupuncture are surgical-grade stainless steel needles, which means that they are very thin, flexible, and soft {virtually no pain}. However, just because they are not big and scary needles does not mean that the procedure doesn’t require advanced and specialized training. “It is a therapeutic procedure that requires skill, precision, and gentle needle technique. Only the best quality needles are used and good quality essential oils are used to minimize possible bruising,” Ani shared with us.


Ani Baran of NJ Acupuncture


As for the results of cosmetic acupuncture, changes can be seen after only one treatment. But, if you are looking for a long lasting outcome, a series of 6-12 treatments is recommended. Treatments are usually done about once a week and the results of a series can last anywhere from 3-5 years {with maintenance, of course}. Imagine 3-5 years of a skincare routine that doesn’t require using 35 different products…sounds like heaven.

Just a few of the wonderful things that Cosmetic Acupuncture can do for you: 

-Minimize or eliminate fine lines and improve the look of deep wrinkles

-Reduce a double chin and sagging jowls

-Help to reduce inflammation on face with rosacea and cystic acne

-Diminish age spots ⁄ sun spots

-Reduce frown lines

-Lift sagging skin, puffy or droopy eyelids

-Brighten the eyes

-Improve muscle tone and dermal contraction

-Improve hormonal balance to reduce acne

-Even facial colour and tone

-Increase blood, energy and lymph circulation

-Feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated

-Give your face a younger, more youthful look

A little more info on the master behind the practice:

Ani Baran was born in Armenia where she grew up learning a lot about different types of holistic healing. After completing her undergrad at Fordham University in biological sciences, Ani knew that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, but with more of a focus on the natural healing remedies that she was familiar with. She went on to graduate from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, and participating in a one-year internship in the urology department at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Besides the wonders of cosmetic acupuncture, Ani also treats sports injuries, infertility, autoimmune, menstrual disorders, and much more. They also work with all major insurances which is a big plus.

PS: Due to the increasing popularity and demand of acupuncture, NJ Acupuncture Center just welcomed a new associate Heather Viccaro. Heather has taken many facial cosmetic certifications and has fine-tuned the protocol to fit each client’s customized needs. Heather is in Jersey City twice a week and does most of the facial cosmetic acupuncture, and Ani focuses more on weight loss treatments. Mention this article and receive the Hoboken Girl discount for either treatment!

If you’re ready to book your appointment with Ani, email info@NJAcupunctureCenter.com or call 201-668-0343.

*This post is sponsored, but we LOVE Ani and go to her regularly for acupuncture.

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