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New York Red Bulls Soccer Games: A Fun Experience From Start to Finish

by Briana
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While the New York Red Bulls might rep the Big Apple in their namesake, the soccer team’s home stadium is right in Harrison, New Jersey, and we’re here to tell you from experience that a game is definitely worth checking out {to have yourself a little weekend funday}. Not only is the game itself a blast, but the pregame activities {for both children and adults} make your visit an entire day of festivities. Read on to learn more about the games, the activities, and take a peek into our very own visit to a game:

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Pregame Fun

At New York Red Bulls games, there are activities for fans of all ages. Between the BULLevard, Biergarten, and game itself, there’s something to do whether you’re bringing your kids, your parents, or your friends. Also important to note: an entire day at Red Bull Arena is a lot more affordable than other sports events in the New York + New Jersey area, jussayin’.

Activities offered before the games:


new york red bulls arena soccer

Located right in front of Red Bull Arena, this area hosts activities and games for fans of all ages {featuring 8 partnered activations such as accuracy shooting games, 3v3 pickup ring, + more}. It’s open 3 hours before kickoff until 30 minutes before kickoff. They also boast a live DJ and New York Red Bulls Freestyle Crew performances and giveaways.


new york red bulls arena soccer

The NY Red Bulls Biergarten is open 3 hours before kickoff and until the 75th minute. The space features live music as well as sports + radios podcasts, and of course —discounted beer specials during the game. It’s a large area, perfect if you’re with a large group and want to hang out before the game.

Unique Experience

new york red bulls arena soccer

Red Bull Arena is considered the benchmark for soccer-specific stadiums in the league. It is one of, if not the only, stadium in the US that mimics the gameday feel in Europe. The unique roof extends over the seats to the edge of the field to keeps fans dry, even as rain falls on the field. The structure also keeps noise in, adding to the intensity of the games.

A bit more about our experience there:

We visited Red Bull Arena on August 5th for their game and had a fantastic experience. We were entertained the second we got to the stadium until the game was over. From the giveaways, live music, Biergarten, and more happening outside — there was so much to do. Once inside, the stadium itself was beautiful, and convenient with several food and drink options. It was a really hot day, but with the roof covering the seats, the sun was not on us {and we were very thankful for that}.

red bull new york arena

Another incredible thing we noticed was how dedicated the fans are. There were sections of seats reserved for New York Red Bulls “supporters” who literally got the crowd going the entire game. They were dressed in all team colors, were screaming and chanting nonstop, and it was very cool to witness. It’s clear that the New York Red Bulls has some pretty awesome fans.

The Players

new york red bulls arena soccer

The team truly represents the community, with 13 players from the tri-state area {12 NY/NJ, 1 CT}, including nine that are graduates of the Red Bulls Academy. Those players include regular starters like Sean Davis, Alex Muyl, and Tyler Adams, who is establishing himself as a player who will star with the U.S. Men’s National Team for years to come.

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Many of the players are Hoboken and Jersey City residents including Argentine playmaker Kaku, winger Danny Royer {Austria}, Sean Davis {USA} Aaron Long {USA} Marc Rzatkowski {Germany}, and Frenchmen Florian Valot and Vincent Bezecourt.

New York Red Bulls shared with Hoboken Girl that many of the players enjoy visiting local spots such as Kitchen Step, Orale, and Lutze in Jersey City — good choices, guys!

new york red bulls arena soccer

The Red Bulls App

The Red Bulls have their very own mobile app that makes prepping for game day {+ game day itself} even more convenient. It’s the best source for team news, info, and ticket management. On the app, you can purchase tickets and share them directly with your friends. The app also has an “arena mode” that will become available once you arrive to Red Bull Arena — it features a chatbot for FAQs you might have while at the game, as well as interactive maps to help you find the nearest concession stands and restrooms.

Want to attend a game for yourself? Their next home match is August 26th {and is extra special because it’s Fireworks Night}. Click here for tickets!

**This post is sponsored by the New York Red Bulls, but after experiencing a game, we can attest that it is a great experience. We will definitely be back!

Have you ever been to a New York Red Bulls Game? Share what you loved about it in the comments below.

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