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The @NJGov Twitter is Clapping Back and We’re LOVING It

by Chloe Riley
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This weekend, New Jersey seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Not only did John Oliver call out Hoboken’s Santacon festivities, but the NJ government Twitter also made headlines. Taking a line out of a 13-year-old’s playbook, @NJGov tweeted “your mom” to a random social media user which kicked off a season-appropriate flurry of tweets from everyone and, well, their mother. One account, in particular, New York City Conflict of Interest Board, took advantage and joined the conversation. Keep reading to find out what happened next in the latest Twitter feud.

The Feud

As one Twitter user noted, “I log off for two days and New Jersey Twitter becomes a thing.” The infamous “your mom” tweet all started in response to @ayeeitsgary’s tweet “Who let New Jersey have a Twitter.” This is a common response from virtually everyone to anything Jersey does, so it was very unexpected when New Jersey decided to clap back. Then, the New York City Conflict of Interest Board, New York’s sassiest Twitter handle, decided to stir the pot. Capitalizing on the lip, the COIB tweeted “an ethics lesson: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

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Well, there’s a Teresa Giudice in all of us, so it’s not surprising that Twitter responded by flipping a virtual table. From the plethora of James Gandolfini {Tony Soprano} GIFs to one user admitting “this account is single-handedly making me reconsider my opinion on Jersey,” Twitter was here 👏 for 👏 this 👏.

NJ’s Twitter Account

Pearl Gabel, who runs New Jersey’s social media accounts told The Bergen Record she wanted the Twitter account “to be more engaging, more human.” And what better way to prove this? New Jersey’s Twitter has gained over 75K followers since launching in April 2018, more than doubling its fans since Friday alone.

NJ Gov’s Twitter feed has not only been making butt jokes and Taylor ham vs. pork roll infographics {though Hudson County does swing left in this debate}, but on October 10th, the account also amplified NJ resources on World Mental Health Day. The NJ Department of Health’s most recent assessment called out Mental Health as the number one concern among New Jersey local health departments and regional hospital systems. And the account continues to encourage New Jersey to sign up for healthcare.

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Many Twitter users have questioned whether this account will be able to continue at this pace without intervention, with one user warning “people need to follow official New Jersey state Twitter right now before the FBI steps in.” Although questionable, the content is clearly resonating with the residents and us here at Hoboken Girl stan to be on this side of the Hudson.

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