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New Jersey Tongue Tie Center Launches in Hoboken

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Finding the right pediatric dentist is essential, especially if your child is having trouble feeding, speaking, or sleeping — which may be related to tethered oral tissue (TOT), a condition that causes a thick or short band of tissue to keep the tongue, lips, or cheeks from moving properly. Hoboken and Hudson County families can turn to Dr. Tommy Lee, a nationally recognized pediatric dentist who leads New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center and can answer all of your questions about TOT and figure out the best treatment plan for your child’s unique situation. Located at 727 Adams Street, Unit 2 in Hoboken, this local practice specializes in diagnosing and treating tethered oral tissues with state-of-the-art technology. Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Tommy’s trusted practice and how to book a consultation.

NJ Tongue Tie Center

All About New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center

With offices in Hoboken and Montvale, New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center is a convenient, local option for patients dealing with tethered oral tissues like tongue-tie, lip-tie, and cheek-tie. These issues can make it hard for babies to breastfeed and, if left untreated, can contribute to other problems down the road — such as speech difficulty, childhood sleep apnea, issues with teeth alignment and more.

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While all of this may sound scary, especially for parents of newborns with tethered oral tissue, safe and effective treatment options are available, and the highly qualified team at New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center is prepared to discuss all of your treatment options.

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NJ Tongue Tie Center

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“New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center specializes in offering CO2 laser frenectomy, a speedy, minimally invasive procedure, to treat tethered oral tissues for patients of all ages. Our ultimate goal is to help as many children as possible overcome the restrictions having a lip, tongue, or cheek-tie may cause to ensure they enjoy the best quality of life as they grow,” Dr. Tommy Lee told The Hoboken Girl.

New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center goes above and beyond to make everyone who comes through the door feel comfortable, whether you are a parent or patient. Dr. Tommy and the team created a space that feels like both a fun child’s play area and a relaxing space for parents. The waiting area has natural light, live plants, comfortable seating along with tons of colorful and inviting toys for little ones.

“Between our implementation of the best technology, design of the friendliest environment, and curation of a patient-focused team, we always set out to provide the highest quality care. Our patients are always our top priority,” Dr. Tommy said.

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NJ Tongue Tie Center

about the center

The Experience From Consultation to Treatment

New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center specializes in Laser Frenectomy Treatments for people of all ages experiencing tongue-tie, lip-tie, or cheek-tie. The New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center uses an evidence-based approach to make sure that each patient’s frenectomy treatment plan follows the latest innovative technological advances and research methods.

The treatment process starts with parents filling out a form for Dr. Tommy to review. Next, Dr. Tommy will conduct a consultation and, if the child is diagnosed with tethered oral tissue (TOT), parents will have the option to move forward with a same-day treatment. As an added bonus, the consultation fee is waived for same-day treatments.

Dr. Tommy or an experienced member of the local team will discuss the entire treatment plan before the procedure begins. The team works hard to make sure parents feel included in every decision and will help answer every question that comes up along the way.

NJ Tongue Tie Center

Frenectomies are then conducted in a child-friendly clinic room. This cutting-edge treatment only takes about 20-30 seconds and patients won’t need to be put under general anesthesia for the procedure. Most patients don’t need stitches and the healing process is often easier than a traditional surgical option. After the frenectomy, Dr. Tommy will discuss postoperative stretches with the parents to help prevent reattachment.

A week later, families come back for a follow-up so Dr. Tommy can discuss any additional concerns with the parents and check in on the child’s healing process. Frenectomies are life-changing for many people and babies often latch better immediately after the procedure.

“The most rewarding part of our work is changing the lives of our patients and their parents. Seeing our patients make so much progress because of our offered services brings so much joy to our team,” Dr. Tommy shared.

NJ Tongue Tie Center

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Meet Dr. Tommy Lee

Dr. Tommy Lee is a dedicated board-certified pediatric dentist who is affectionately called “Dr. Tommy” by his patients. He studied at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital. Throughout his career, he has trained under internationally respected mentors including Dr. Richard Baxter and taken advanced clinical courses to guarantee that he is on top of the latest, cutting-edge advancements in pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Tommy is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and an assistant clinical professor at Columbia University Dental School. He is incredibly passionate about pediatric dentistry and was recently recognized as one of America’s Best Young Dentists in the exclusive “40 under 40” list by Incisal Edge and was included among those named “2023 NJ Top Dentists.”

He founded the New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center, which started as an integral part of Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry

NJ Tongue Tie Center

^ Dr. Tommy Lee and mentor Dr. Richard Baxter

“We love the strong sense of community that bonds Hudson County together. This sense of community has allowed New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center to experience so much growth, as parents share their experiences in our clinic with their friends and family. We are so appreciative and fortunate to expand to such a wonderful location,” Dr. Tommy said.

Dr. Tommy and his team at the New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center are committed to providing the best possible care for anyone dealing with tethered oral tissue complications. The goal is to help children of all ages get this life-changing treatment to boost self-confidence, communication, and overall quality of life.

NJ Tongue Tie Center

meet dr. tommy

New Jersey Tongue-Tie Center is located at 727 Adams Street, Unit 2 in Hoboken. You can call (201) 515-5534 or email info@tonguetiecenternj.com with questions.


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