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Where to Find Moscow Mules in Hoboken + 3 DIY Recipes

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Mix together one part fate and two parts failing businesses and you’ve got the history of the beloved Moscow Mule, which was made in America back in the 1940s. A Russian immigrant traveling to the states with an overabundance of — you guessed it — copper mugs, stopped into a bar in LA and met none other than the former owner of (the then failing) Smirnoff vodka company. The two needed to move their products fast and came up with what we know and love today as the Moscow Mule, served up in its signature copper mug (learn more here). Today, the Moscow Mule is one of the most popular cocktails in the country with hundreds of variations appearing on drink menus across the states, including right here in the Mile Square. We’ve rounded up not only the top places around town for killer Mules but also three DIY pitcher Mule recipes to enjoy with fresh summer ingredients.

Belo Bar | 104 Hudson Street

Belo Bar

Serving up killer cocktails left and right, Belo does not disappoint – just try the house Moscow mule and you’ll see what we mean! Oh, and it’s also Insta-worthy.

Bin 14 | 1314 Washington Street

Bin 14

Enjoy a plate of mussels or even a gluten-free pie from this gem all while throwing back a tasty Moscow mule.

Del Frisco’s Grille | 221 River St

Del Frisco's Grille

Think about it – fresh seafood, a waterfront view, and a cold Moscow mule, need we say more?

Onieal’s | 343 Park Avenue


A Hoboken staple, Onieal’s has curated a specialty drink menu dedicated just to Moscow Mules with an array of twists on the classic vodka libation. Mule specials are also offered on Tuesdays for $7.00 per drink.

The Ainsworth | 310 Sinatra Drive

The Ainsworth

Grab a refreshing Mule with a view at this waterfront spot. The Ainsworth offers a specialty Midsummer Mule with house-made lavender syrup, blueberries, lemon, and ginger beer.

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The Shepherd + The Knucklehead | 1313 Willow Avenue

The Shepherd + The Knucklehead

(Photo credit: @theshep_hoboken)

A newer addition to the Hoboken food + drinks scene that has quickly grown to become a local favorite, The Shep has created a Mule menu with five variations including rye-based, wine, gin, coconut. and a seasonal Mule rotation.

How to Make Them

Triple Berry Mule | Serves 12

Berry Mule

  • – 3 cups Vodka
  • – 1 ½ cups fresh lime juice
  • – 3 cans of ginger beer
  • – Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries

Add a mix of fresh berries to a pitcher and muddle to release juices. Add lime juice and vodka and stir. Just before serving, add ice, top with ginger beer, and gently stir. Garnish with more fresh berries.

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Kentucky Peach Mule | Serves 16

  • – 3 cups 1 ½ oz. bourbon
  • – 2 cups peach nectar
  • – 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • – 4 cans ginger beer
  • – Diced peach and fresh mint sprigs

Add all except ginger beer to a pitcher and stir. Prior to serving, add ice, ginger beer, and stir. Garnish with fresh diced peaches and mint sprig.

Mexican Jalapeño Sandia Mule | Serves 16

moscow mule

  • – 3 cups blanco tequila
  • – 3 cups fresh watermelon juice
  • – 2 cups lime juice
  • – 4 cans of ginger beer
  • – 3-4 Jalapeños, de-seeded

Add 2-3 pieces of jalapeño – add additional jalapeño to taste for extra spice, and lime juice to a mixing glass and muddle. Strain lime and jalapeno mixture into a large pitcher and discard jalapeno pieces. Add tequila and watermelon juice to the pitcher and stir. When ready to serve, add ice, ginger beer and stir again. Garnish with lime wheels and watermelon chunks.


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