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Attain Medspa Launches Total Health Program in Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
Attain Medspa
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As the old saying goes, ‘beauty is skin deep’ and when beauty care is blended with total health care, the benefits are twofold — which definitely holds true at one of our go-to beauty spots, Attain Medspa. Located in the Monroe Center, at 720 Monroe Street, Suite E407 in Hoboken with two other locations in Allenhurst, NJ and Charleston, SC, Attain Medspa is a comprehensive medical spa that specializes in cosmetic treatments and proactive health assessments all under one roof. Read on to learn all about the treatments and services available at this local medspa in Hoboken.



Cosmetic Treatments

Attain Medspa delivers more than a dozen cosmetic services with botox, facials, and laser hair removal being client favorites. Some popular services include:

Acne Solutions: After a thorough health assessment + blood work, an Attain medical professional will determine the best plan of action to help treat acne. Solutions include facials, holistic skin care protocols, AviClear, advanced skincare products, and prescription-based solutions.

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Beauty Bar: includes brow tinting and shaping, waxing, and eyelash extensions, lifts, and tints.

Dermal Fillers: These gel-like substances can be used to add volume to areas of the face affected by age-related thinning in the cheeks, lips, and mouth. Such fillers include Restylane, Juvederm, Versa, and Radiesse.

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Body + Facial Contouring: Achieve your ideal physique with advanced, non-invasive treatments including Emsculpt Neo (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency heat to make muscles work on overdrive) and Kybella Facial Contouring (an injectable treatment used to reduce fat, especially in the chin area).

Boosters: These treatments can be added to any service to provide an extra layer of nourishment, enhancing the overall benefits for radiant, healthy skin and include dermaplaning, LED + Jelly masks, Aquagold, glacial glide, gua sha facial, microneedling, and ProNox.

Facials: include Hydrafacial MD, Jet Peel, GlacialRX, mini steam + clean, Gua Sha, lymphatic facial massage, teen facial, and dermaplaning + cleanse.

Other services at the Hoboken medspa include hair restoration, IV therapy, laser hair removal, laser skin solutions, Botox, peels, and skin tightening.



All About Attain Total Health

Attain’s commitment to comprehensive health and wellness came to fruition through Attain Total Health. This program, for both men and women, was designed to empower patients to understand their own bodies so they could make educated decisions about their own health.

“Our mission is to contribute to the restoration and ongoing enhancement of overall health,” shared Ben-Meir. “Empowering patients to take charge of their healthcare is paramount, aligning with our commitment to fostering an informed and proactive approach to well-being.”


Through this service, patients receive personalized, one-on-one care from a licensed medical provider to help with weight-loss management, IV therapy, hair restoration, sexual function, hormone therapy, peptides, and acne management.

Initial Consultation — Patients will connect with a licensed medical provider who will discuss medical history, lifestyle, energy levels, and more. Patients are encouraged to share information about specific health concerns or symptoms.

Complete Blood Work — The provider will order blood work depending on your goals and needs. The information retrieved from the bloodwork will help uncover more information about your health. (Blood work is not included in the cost of the program and may be covered by insurance.)

1-Hour Medical Provider Review — Following blood work, you will meet with an Attain medical provider to thoroughly review results to ensure both the patient and medical provider understand your overall health.

Personalized Treatment Plan — Patients will receive personalized recommendations for treatments, products, and lifestyle adjustments. The provider will deliver referrals and in-office treatments to help move you towards your goals.

The Attain team believes that spotting and preventing health issues early on is an essential part of the process towards achieving total body wellness and to live a fulfilling life.


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All About Attain Medspa

Attain Medspa was started in 2018 by Lauren Ben-Meir, CEO and owner of the medspa. Driven by her desire to counter the trend of overpaying for beauty and cosmetic services, Lauren, under the medical direction of her husband, Dr. Ron Ben-Meir, is committed to ensuring every patient receives exceptional service. And as Lauren always says, “Your health + wellness shouldn’t take the whole day or the whole paycheck.”


^ Founder and owner, Lauren Ben-Meir

Being a non-medical professional, Lauren is able to guide and advocate for patients to receive high-quality care that prioritizes the well-being of everyone who walks into her medspa. Lauren and her team carefully consider the impact of treatments before incorporating anything into a repertoire of services, making each session effective and safe. With locations in Hoboken, Allenhurst, NJ, and Charleston, SC, the offices provide both cosmetic treatments and total health services.

“At Attain Medspa, we excel in delivering exceptional results, underlining our unwavering dedication to excellence,” Lauren shared with The Hoboken Girl. “We understand the value of your time and financial investment, ensuring that our services are efficient and cost-effective without compromising quality.”



Attain Medspa is located in the Monroe Center at 720 Monroe Street, Suite E407 in Hoboken with two other locations in Allenhurst at 340 Main Street and Charleston at 601 Meeting Street Suite 150.

Call 201-471-0612 for more info or to book an appointment, visit the website.

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