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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Coming to Downtown Hoboken

by Alena Competello
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Whatever your opinion on medical marijuana, a dispensary could be on its way to 95 Hudson Street in Hoboken. Yes, you read that right, Hoboken could be joining Jersey City as a home to such a space. But, if you’re concerned about the smell {or a contact high}, don’t be. According to the company proposing the space ventilation with carbon filters are set to be installed throughout the property. Read on to see what we know about the Hoboken dispensary so far:

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Medical Marijuana in Hoboken

In June, Hoboken’s City Council approved an ordinance, first introduced last October, establishing its rules on medical marijuana. The regulations establish a Medical Cannabis Review Board and implement a 2% medical marijuana city tax. In total, there can be three dispensaries throughout the city. The planning board must review and approve any marijuana-related applications. And that’s precisely the step the planning board took at its July 14th meeting, when it approved Harmony Dispensary’s plans for the Hudson Street space.

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The 411 {not the 420} on the Dispensary Space

According to JerseyDigs, Harmony Dispensary will be gutting and redesigning the interior of the 5,000-square-foot space. However, the plans do keep the brick and arches currently on the exterior of the building. The final plans were designed by Wolfgang & Hite and feature a 513-square-foot courtyard complete with an indoor tree and a “takeout” window on one side. A retail dispensary area will take up the middle of the building. The rear includes a lounge space for to on-site consumption. And, like we said before, ventilation will be installed to combat odors.

Live in Hoboken and looking to see if you qualify for medical marijuana treatment? Well first things first, ask your primary care physician. If you’re interested in joining the Medical Marijuana Program in New Jersey, you can also use the Find a Doctor tool on the Division of Medical Marijuana’s website. You can search for doctors by specialty, doctor name, or city. Plug in “Hoboken,” and you’ll find three listed at 720 Monroe Street, one at 317 Willow Street, and two family practice doctors at 108 Washington — the latter two of which are currently not accepting new patients.

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But Will New Jersey Voters Legalize Medical Cannabis?

The road to legalization of marijuana in New Jersey has been a long and winding road. Medical marijuana is {obviously if you’ve been reading along} legal. Then, Governor Phil Murphy {a proponent of legalization} signed a law in 2019 to continue developing New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

But that’s not all. New Jersey has also been taking steps to make recreational marijuana legal for adults over age 21 recently. And it seems voters are largely on board {at least right now}. November’s ballot question will ask voters if they think the state should legalize marijuana and apply the state sales tax to purchases.

The Brach Eichler Cannabis Poll, conducted by DKC Analytics, found about two thirds {68%} of 500 New Jersey registered voters said they strongly support or somewhat support legalization. Participants were selected based on age, political affiliation, race, and income, in an effort to reflect the 2016 electorate. According to DKC, new polls will be conducted by the company each month until the vote in November.

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