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Local Hoboken and Jersey City Gift Ideas to Treat Yo’Self {+ Reasons You Deserve It!}

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Everyone deserves to indulge themselves with lavish gifts and well-deserved presents — especially on a dreary Monday AM. Treat Yo’Self, a mantra from NBC’s ever-famous Parks and Recreation Donna and Tom duo, couldn’t ring more true this time of the year, especially as we prepare for a busy holiday season {don’t worry, we’ll have you covered when that time of year comes, too.}

Why is it that we always try to justify our self-spending on celebrations only? In the great words of Drake, “YOLO.” But for realz — it’s okay to treat yourself, because who knows what tomorrow will bring. To make it easy, here’s a list of a few occasions deemed worthy of shopping local in Hoboken and Jersey City {and what to get…for yourself}.

If you’re a new mile-square resident finally feeling like you fit in…

Originally spotted at the Hoboken Arts & Music festival last year, these Hoboken Mugs can be found at Hudson Paperie {312 Washington Street, Hoboken} as a morning reminder that we all love being Hoboken girls {and guys}.

For those who are Hoboken girls {of if you love Hoboken girls}, our site is selling t-shirts and tanks for men and women. They’re super soft and lots of fun to rock at the gym/pretty much wherever. Email [email protected] if interested in purchasing — include your name, address, size preferred, and venmo handle to be invoiced {tanks are $22 and tees are $25 — shipping is $3, and we donate $1 to a local charity with each purchase [changes monthly which charity]!}. More merch coming soon to the site!

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^HG tees and tanks to treat yo’self

Zap Fitness

Coordinates happen to be super trendy right now, and this Hoboken pillow matches all living room, bedding room, and/or office decor. An adorable addition to any cozy nook or office chair, we highly recommend snagging one from Washington General Store {509 Washington Street, Hoboken}.

This state-shaped cutting board from Kanibal & Co. {197 Montgomery Street, Jersey City} is beyond cute – confirming that even after multiple years of living in Jersey, there are still reasons to be obsessed with our home state.

If you’re feeling like a ‘girl boss’ after your latest accomplishment…

New job, promotion maybe? Or did you only hit snooze 4 times instead of 5 this morning?

Either way, all milestones that make us feel empowered are worth celebrating. Pick up this pocket-sized pat-at-the-back at Francesca’s {318 Washington Street, Hoboken} as a nod to self-love and a #winning occasion.

Girls want to do more than have fun, we’re here to work hard and get $h!t done. This reminder in ring dish form can hold anything from dainty jewels to loose change, found at Dear Hannah {503 Washington Street, Hoboken}.


No, we’re not telling you to buy a Maserati… but why not rent one for a bit? Be sure to check out this listing on Turo where you — with or without a friend — can take a joyride for a day {or more} by renting this black GranTurismo from a local resident. Not to mention: free car drop-off within Hoboken!

If the kids are driving you crazy but you’ve been surprisingly patient…

If we’re being honest here, there’s nothing quite like some peace and quiet. But if you’re a Hoboken or JC mama, most days just don’t allow time to breathe and you can be stuck dealing with chaos all day. This kitchen towel from Hudson Paperie is a fun reminder to reward yourself, as a mom, and the tea towel clearly sympathizes with the constant demands of being responsible for someone besides yourself. Kudos, mamas and papas, we see you and know it’s not an easy task.


Some days just require pampering more than others. Find the perfect zen solution at at EC Beauty Studio {44 Hudson Place, Hoboken} for some pampering and facials  — because after a long day we all need some skincare TLC.

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If you had a rough day at work but miraculously made it through…

Wishing you were sipping rosé all day instead of that painful meeting? These wine straws, not made for sharing, can be found at Dear Hannah can help cure the blues with bubbly after any mentally exhausting potential-catastrophe.

Or if you’d prefer to go straw-less, this glass from Washington General Store cuts to the chase to cure any bad day, including a subtle suggestion for those nearby to back off until your drink is finished.

But seriously, this Prosecco Pong party game is ideal for a post-work thirst quencher, partnered with “shots right meow” shot glasses. These goodies from Francesca’s are sure to turn any mood around.


The nails first caught our eye on Instagram, but these necklaces from The Golden Carrot {1102 Washington Street, Hoboken} are the real sparklers worthy of a self-splurge.

If you’re trying to be optimistic about building in R&R into a busy schedule…

Nothing beats feeling well-rested. The problem is: when a city never sleeps, neither do we. These adorable eye masks also from Dear Hannah are here to help get some shut-eye, even if your eyes refuse to shut.

There’s not much a good beauty treatment can’t fix. This locally-sourced beauty bar at Love Locked {353 Grove Street, Jersey City} has everything you might need for a refreshing  jumpstart into a new R&R routine.

When we go to bed later than intended, it’s definitely a bummer and potentially interferes with plans for the rest of the week. Why not bring some cheer back into your sleepy mornings and try to see the bright side – this encouraging entry mat from Hudson Paperie is a reminder to keep your head up, even while looking down.

Can we just say… you go girl!

On this dreary Monday, we’re here to remind you to keep on truckin’, and don’t forget to treat yo’self in the little successes you conquer on a regular basis. It’s clear these local shops are always here when you need a pick-me-up, and even though we are keeping this post light and fun — in all seriousness, it’s important to practice self care, retail therapy, giving back, or truly whatever makes you happy on good days and bad, because that’s what life’s all about. Have an amazing week {but we’ll see ya tomorrow with our latest posts}!



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