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Delicious Hoboken Delivery Options | Part V

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s been a while since there’s been some discussion of new delivery options in Hoboken — but since the cold winter months are coming {and there’s no stopping ’em, wah}, we figured it was time to dish on some new spots where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch and throw blankets…even for a second. Here is Round 5 {also available on an iPhone via Seamless/Delivery.com/all those bad boys that make tipping and having no cash a breeeeeze}:


1. Muscle Maker Grill:

Snap Fitness JC


Harborside Sport + Spine

This place is a chain, yes, but it actually has some decent delivery. If you’re looking to watch your carbs/cals/veggie intake but are on the lazy side, this is a great option. I ordered the Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Stir Fry which was very good. I would order it again but probably next time (tip:) ask for the teriyaki sauce on the side {it was A LOT and salty}. My fiance orders the Rocky Balboa wrap with a side of Caesar salad often, which is turkey meatballs and a whopping 680 cals {a little high for my taste} — but there are a lot of wraps that are lower cal with the nutritional facts right on the menu.

Hobbs Inc


2. Midtown Philly Steaks:


The messy, oozy goodness of Midtown Philly Steaks

AXIS School of Dance

Carnivores rejoice…this place is seriously giving Philadelphia a run for its money. In a word: De-Effin-Licious. I’ve ordered here twice and I cannot get enough! The cheese steaks are fresh, cheesy, with some delicious steak or chicken and very good bread {not for the gluten-free at heart}. They have toppings you can add {think: extra cheese whiz, grilled onions, mushrooms, and more}. A great salty splurge!


3. Tony Boloney’s:

Tony Boloneys

Tony’s delicious XL pies hailing from Atlantic City

Another one for the pizza files…this place originally hailed from Atlantic City and has sauce that will knock your cozy throw-blanket covered socks off. It’s almost…toasted tomato tasting, but hard to describe. You just have to try it. Order the XL Oldman Brooklyn Pizza {$24} pie with extra mozzarella – you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, we ordered two extra large pies to The Ale House the other night and were the hit of the bar {even the bouncer asked for a slice and commented on how delicious it was!}. They also have tons of sandwiches and other savory snacks that are creatively named and yummy sounding. Will be trying more options in the cold winter months ASAP!


4. Crepe Guru:

crepe guru hoboken girl blog

The salad crepe from Crepe Guru

I know there are many crepe spots popping up, but this spot is the bees knees and definitely takes the cake. While I highly recommend you ordering from this place at its actual location {so you can enjoy the freshness of their crepes hot off the crepe grill}, ordering delivery will not disappoint, either. They have savory salad and sandwich crepes as well as sweet crepes {chock full of nutella, caramel, you name it}. I love the chicken pesto crepe, but the chicken caesar salad one is a popular savory option as well. Crepe Guru is also home to the crepe in a cup {which makes it easy to eat the crepe full of goodness in a cone-shaped cup at the bottom}. TRY IT! More on this yummy spot coming soon.


Well there you have it. Four more delivery spots that may not all be the healthiest options, but will definitely keep you from having to trek outside in the cold—-let alone get up from the couch.

What is your favorite spot for Hoboken delivery? PS: It’s totally okay to be lazy sometimes 🙂

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