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FREE Laser Hair Removal at Thérapie NYC for The Hoboken Girl Readers

by Hoboken Girl Team
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You know the saying: when you look your best, you feel your best. And that’s why we’re so into Thérapie Clinic in NYC — a new laser, skin, and botox studio — as one of our new go-to spots for when we’re needing a little beauty pick-me-up in NYC. Located at 12 West 19th Street, Thérapie Clinic provides an array of aesthetic and medical services ranging from laser hair removal to botox. We recently discovered this spot — perfect for a lunch break appointment in NYC — where scheduling a consultation or booking a service to achieve smooth, glowing skin is pretty simple (PLUS they’re giving 1 FREE laser hair removal session to HG readers through the end of July!). Read on to learn more about Thérapie Clinic (+ an exclusive offer for HG readers).

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All About Thérapie Clinic

Thérapie Clinic provides a variety of beauty treatments in its new Flatiron location in NYC. The multi-award-winning medical/aesthetic clinic — which is often termed as Europe’s #1 med spa — employs specialists in botox injections, anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, lip fillers, laser hair removal, body treatments, and more. Collectively, the team has completed over 10 million treatments to date.

“Thérapie Clinic has been Europe’s leading Med Spa for over 20 years — with over 70 clinics across the UK, Ireland, and the U.S.,” shared the Therapie Clinic team with The Hoboken Girl.

The med spa uses the highest grade medical lasers that are virtually painless — just feels like a cold blast of air — and very effective.

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The professionals at Thérapie Clinic seek to transform their patients’ lives by boosting their confidence through customized treatments.

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High-Quality Services for a Fraction of the Price

Thérapie Clinic’s mantra is “world-class treatments at great prices.” In fact, Thérapie Clinic’s prices are generally 60-70% lower than its competitors — most NYC med spas start around $195 for underarms, and Therapie wants to make it more accessible to all.

Laser Hair Removal starts at just $27 for underarms, making its prices + services pretty amazing.

Not only are the treatments affordable, but they also meet European Standards. The most common treatment is laser hair removal, for which the clinic uses the Cynosure Elite IQ — the newest and best laser machine on the market.

“We want everyone to be able to access our treatments so they can look and feel their best,” said the Therapie Clinic team. “At Thérapie Clinic, we believe that true beauty comes from within — a result of being healthy and confident, taking the time to nurture your body, your skin, yourself. We take an integrated approach to beauty, helping our clients discover the best version of themselves.”

In addition to its more basic services like botox and fillers to prevent and treat fine lines, the clinic also caters to sensitive skin types. Two of its more advanced treatments include Morpheus8 and Hydrafacial. Thérapie Clinic uses up-to-date, FDA-approved technology and medical-grade equipment to treat all skin types.

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A Family-Owned Business and Brother-Sister Duo

Thérapie Clinic is owned by the McGlade family. Originally founded by Paul McGlade in 2002, the business is now operated by Katie and Philip McGlade (daughter and son of Paul), hailing from Dublin. Thérapie Clinic of New York opened on March 15 and is the company’s 70th storefront.

When asked about who’s involved in the business’s day-to-day processes, the team stated: “It takes a village!”

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^ Katie McGlade, co-owner of Thérapie Clinic

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Don’t forget to mention ‘HOBOKENGIRL’ for free laser hair removal on your underarms if you book a consultation, valid through July 31st. You can also receive $100 off any purchase of over $500.

Therapie Clinic is located at 12 West 19th Street, New York. For client inquiries, call 646-846-6008 or email [email protected]. Make sure to tell them The Hoboken Girl sent you!

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