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Laser Hair Removal in Hoboken at Schweiger Dermatology

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Recently we’ve had a lot of readers reaching out to ask where they can get laser hair removal locally in Hoboken. Lo and behold we’ve found the spot — Schweiger Dermatology, located at 2 Hudson Place, 1st floor, offers laser hair removal {as well as a ton of other dermatological and cosmetic procedures including facials, laser, and botox}. Read on to see about a recent visit to Schweiger for laser hair removal, plus tips and tricks for before and after your hair removal treatment:

schweiger dermatology hoboken

Congrats, you’re on your way to be hair-free {in whatever spot you choose, that is}.


Numbing Cream

First things first: when making your first appointment, make sure to request 30 minutes beforehand to take the office up on its numbing cream and ice. This is crucial, especially for ultra sensitive and potentially NSFW spots, like the Brazilian, etc. Trust — IT’S WORTH IT {having done with and without cream}, but really the first time is the worst of the “pain” {put in quotes because it really feels like a hot rubber band snap and isn’t thaaat bad}.

Sun Damage

Also, make sure that you haven’t had or are going to have sun damage in the spot that you’re lasering. This precaution is to avoid scarring, so don’t play; you’ve waited this long as a wooly mammoth, a few more weeks won’t hurt to make sure you’re not going to bake in the sun immediately following or before your treatment.


Before you head to Schweiger, make sure to be cleanly shaved in whatever area you’re lasering. Spoiler Alert: If you forget to, just know that they may dry shave you because the hair needs to be at the follicle before lasering.

Your Skin Consult

It’s important to get the results wanted, to DEF make an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for laser. Some skin tones are not as easily lasered, so it’s best to check with Schweiger to see before committing to sessions.


schweiger dermatology hoboken

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During the Treatment

Just like if you were at the docs {which you are, technically}, you’ll have to strip down the spot being lasered. Not to fret, though: There are paper robes, but might we suggest wearing a sports bra or something comfy so it’s easy for applying the numbing cream. Definitely don’t wear anything you care about since there’s a chance the numbing cream and laser cream may not be 100% wiped off after the treatment.

The actual treatment part is the fastest thing ever. LEGIT takes about 20 seconds {depending on where you’re getting it done}. Yes, it’s hot and not 100% painless, but pain is beauty hunny, and it’s just what is necessary to be hair-free should you desire. There, we said it. But with the numbing cream and fun chats with Nicole Tardio, PA-C, and her team, you’ll be in and out in no time.

After the Treatment

Some steroid cream is given so that it can be applied to the treatment areas to avoid any break outs, etc. Wear sunblock religiously so you don’t have to worry about any sun damage {it will actually be affected by the sun, so STAY OUT OF IT!}.


schweiger dermatology hoboken

The Results

Nicole and her team know their stuff. Within just two treatments, hair was SO much lighter {especially with underarms!}, and shaving was at a minimum. To complete the treatment, Schweiger recommends at least 6 treatments 4 weeks apart. “You must really be committed to it, or else it won’t work. Timing matters,” Nicole shared with us. If you listen to her, you’ll be happy {and hair-free, promise!}.

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Have you tried laser at Schweiger? What did you think?

This post is *not* sponsored, but laser was offered to writer free of charge.

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