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Eliminating Sinus Headaches {with NJ Acupuncture Center}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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‘Tis the season — for sinus issues, that is. So many of us suffer from sinus issues and don’t even know. That pounding headache where you feel like your head is going to explode might not always be from stress — you could have major sinus issues and not even know it. We’ve brought in the experts from NJ Acupuncture Center {with two locations in Jersey City + Bayonne} to teach us more about sinus pressure headaches — and more importantly, how it can easily be treated with acupuncture. 

nj acupuncture center sinus treatment

^^ Jen, HG’s founder, getting acupuncture during a bad case of bronchitis — it was much needed and she said worked wonders!

What Are Sinuses?

Sinuses are pockets behind our face {behind cheekbones, nose, and forehead} connected to our nasal cavities that, in many people, are prone to infection. When sinuses get infected {or also as a result of an allergic reaction}, mucus gets blocked and builds up and our sinuses become inflamed. Anyone who has ever had or suffers from chronic sinus headaches knows how painful and disruptive they are.

Sinus Headache Treatment

nj acupuncture center jersey city bayonne sinus headaches

^^ Maggie from the HG team treating a headache she’s been experiencing — only to find out it was a sinus headache! 

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Many people will understandably take an over the counter pain medication or cold suppressant to try and reduce the discomfort, but these, as well as prescription medications, often just act as a band-aid, papering over the problem without remedying what’s wrong at the core and causing the pain to begin with. In severe cases, doctors will recommend a surgical procedure to help those with chronic sinus issues. But before trying too many different medications or going under the knife, we strongly suggest trying acupuncture to clear up those stuffy and inflamed nasal passages.

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Acupuncture + Sinus Headaches

For generations, acupuncture has safely and effectively treated so many common ailments, and headaches from sinus congestion is doubtlessly one of them. In fact, acupuncture is uniquely suited to treating sinusitis congestion headaches because it directly and almost immediately addresses the root causes of sinus issues. Many people who are suffering from a sinus headache deal with them often. Sinus and other nose-related symptoms aren’t just about issues with the nasal cavities or ears and throat, but can also often stem from the health of other areas of the body.

As with many acupuncture treatments, don’t be surprised if part of your treatment includes needles not just around your nose and face. Many times, acupuncturists will treat underlying issues with other areas of the body, like our spleen or lungs, which can contribute to the inflammation that leads to sinus headaches.

nj acupuncture center jersey city bayonne sinus headaches

^^ Bri from the HG team who suffers from severe allergies and sinus issues. She goes to NJ Acupuncture as much as she can to treat her sinus headaches and to clear everything up {and it works!}.

Acupuncture has proven to be an effective treatment for sinusitis because of how it reduces inflammation. By opening up the meridians that are blocked or just acting up a bit, the body’s natural painkiller, endorphins, are released to the necessary areas of the body. In the case of sinus headaches, the sinuses themselves can be opened up as quickly as in one visit. And for those with chronic sinus issues, the underlying root can be targeted and remedied over a short period of time.

As the seasons and the weather change, you don’t have to be subject to the awful pain of sinus headaches. And you don’t’ have to pump your body full of medication to get relief either. Acupuncture is a great option to naturally, effectively, and safely treat your sinuses and return you to a headache-free state of being.

Make Your Appointment with NJ Acupuncture Center

NJ Acupuncture Center treats sinus issues as well as a bunch of underlying health problems such as anxiety, arthritis, depression, infertility, sleep disorders, and more {see the full list here}. NJ Acupuncture Center has two convenient locations in New Jersey — one in Jersey City {550 Newark Avenue} and one in Bayonne {930 Kennedy Boulevard}. To make an appointment {or book your FREE consultation}, call 201-668-0343. 

**This post is sponsored by NJ Acupuncture Center, but as you can see by the photos, the HG team visits quite frequently for sinus issues, especially during this time of year! 

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