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Jobs to Apply For in Hoboken + Jersey City This Month | December 2023

by Bertha Solis
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Applying for a new job can be an overwhelming situation. From starting with sending applications, going to interviews, and deciding which opportunity is right for you — it’s a lot. To make the process run more smoothly, The Hoboken Girl has a local jobs platform with varied job opportunities and a quick process when it comes to applying. Candidates have the chance to create a job profile for employers to find them as well as seek their own opportunities on our site. Currently, there are several job openings — from a front desk associate to an aesthetician — all featured on The Local Girl (our parent site jobs platform). Read on to see all of the jobs available in Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond through The Local Girl jobs platform this month.

Disclaimer: Our website is only sharing the information uploaded directly by employers. Please contact them for direct assistance. You must apply through the below links and register on our site to apply.

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Feature Your Resume for Gig Work on Our Candidates Page!

Don’t forget to check out our Candidates Page on The Local Girl Jobs Platform — which is a section on the job board where you have a chance to feature yourself and your resume, whether looking for gig work, a temp position, a summer opportunity, or something else. Being seen by employers or potential clients on this page increases your odds of landing a new job opportunity or freelance gig.

While applying to any job on the site is always free, there is a small fee of $25 monthly to house your resume on our site with a profile for 30 days at a time. This will live on the site and be perused by anyone who clicks the Candidates page.

If you decide after 30 days to let your profile expire, your data will be saved but no longer live on the site.

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Check out these candidates on our jobs platform:

The Local Girl Jobs Platform already has a total of 32 candidates. These job seekers have a range of fields they specialize in. Fields such as education, marketing, sales, and more. Take a look at some of the Local Girl Jobs Platform candidates above.

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And now, here are some of the jobs available in the North Jersey area this week:

Aesthetician | Line Eraser MD

Industry: Medical/Beauty/Wellness/Health
City: Livingston
Virtual/Remote: No
Job Type: Part-Time

Learn more about the position here.

Sports Betting Brand Ambassador | Bar Bet

Industry: Advertising + Marketing
City: Hoboken
Virtual/Remote: No
Job Type: Hourly

Learn more about the position here.

Freelance PHP Wiz + Developer | The Local Girl

Industry: IT/Web/Radio/TV/Media
City: Hoboken
Virtual/Remote: Yes
Job Type: Part-Time

Learn more about the position here.

Cybersecurity Director | Veris Residential

Industry: IT/Web/Real Estate
City: Jersey City
Virtual/Remote: Sometimes
Job Type: Full-Time

Learn more about the position here.

Front Desk Associate | Alivio Wellness

Industry: Beauty + Wellness
City: New York
Virtual/Remote: No
Job Type: Hourly

Learn more about the position here.


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