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How to Get Instagram-Worthy Makeup {According to a Local Makeup Artist}

by Alexandra
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You know when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, half paying attention, and all of a sudden your thumb comes to a complete halt? Maybe it’s a cute puppy, maybe it’s another stunning vacation photo from that person you follow who’s always. On. Vacation… but for some of us, it’s typically a photo of a drop-dead gorgeous makeup look. Luckily for us, we got to chat with Elle DeJesus, professional makeup artist + instructor at Artist Makeup Academy {AMA} right here in Hoboken, who so kindly shared her best secrets on how to achieve that Insta-worthy look. You know the one we mean – flawless, glowing skin with juuust a little drama — pretty much exactly the look Elle is slaying in the photo below.

^Elle DeJesus of AMA {Photo cred to HG beauty contributor Alexandra}

So what did we learn during our visit to their AMA studio located in the Monroe Center? As Elle explains below, it all comes down to a few simple elements:

Tip #1: Lighting  

“Nothing beats natural light,”
Elle confidently stated. If you’ve ever visited the AMA studios, you know there is no shortage of incredible natural light, thanks to their huge warehouse-style windows. That’s where she sat our Editor-in-Chief Jen {pictured above}, to demonstrate exactly why lighting is so important. Seeing your skin for its true color will help you determine the best shade of foundation to match your skin tone flawlessly {instead of thinking you nailed it at your vanity mirror + then stepping outdoors and realizing you’re two shades lighter or darker than you should be… just us?}.

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Tip #2: Ace the Base  

Makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath it, which is why we learned that prepping skin for makeup is just as important as the makeup application itself.  Elle told us that it’s crucial to know your skin type so you can properly determine the best base. If you’re dry, you’ll need to add hydration — Elle swears by Glam Glow — and if you’re oily, she recommends Aqua Bomb, a gel moisturizer.

One thing we were surprised to learn is that Elle actually isn’t a huge fan of primers. When we asked why, she explained that while primers do their job of filling in pores to provide a smooth canvas for foundation, she prefers to use a pushing technique to press makeup into the skin {instead of swiping it on} to make it look super natural — basically like you aren’t wearing any at all. “If a primer is there, it blocks my ability to do that,” Elle explained.

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Tip #3: Tools of the Trade  

^Elle demonstrates how to highlight the center of the nose, giving it a slimming effect + making the skin glow!

When we asked Elle what her favorite brush is, she replied like a true pro and explained it really depends on the type of look you’re going for. “Any fluffy brush is great for powders, like bronzer and blush,” Elle explained. And yes, you read that right – you only need one brush for both your bronzer {to add dimension + warmth} and blush {Margin by MAC and Luster by NARS are her “holy grails” — makeup speak for “ride or die”}, because the idea is for everything to seamlessly blend together.

When it comes to foundation application, Elle swears by the Beauty Blender: “I can’t do makeup without one!” she said. {Confession: we were using our Beauty Blenders dry for awhile and couldn’t understand what all the hype was about, but Elle explained that you’re actually supposed to use it damp to help the foundation melt flawlessly into the skin.} Elle demonstrated this pressing motion on Jen, and as you can tell from the below picture, the skin looks like just that — skin! — instead of a face full of makeup.

^No filter, literally. Just some carefully applied makeup by the master!

Want to learn from Elle herself? AMA offers courses throughout the year, and they are for everyone — not just people who are already good at makeup. “My students go from never picking up a brush to pros,” Elle told us. “Makeup is a language — you just have to find a way for everyone to understand.”  


Learn more about AMA’s course offerings here, and make sure to follow Elle on Instagram!

Have you been to AMA? What did you think?


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