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NJ Acupuncture Center Debuts HydraFacials + Microneedling Treatments

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Making time for self-care can be tough, but prioritizing wellness always feels good. Acupuncture is a therapeutic system that fits into a balanced wellness routine. NJ Acupuncture Center, located at 550 Newark Avenue Suite 201 in Jersey City and 930 Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, creates customized treatment plans to help clients feel physically and mentally balanced. This therapeutic acupuncture clinic can provide massages, cupping, and acupuncture to clients dealing with anxiety, headaches, + skin disorders. Recently, NJ Acupuncture Center added HydraFacials + microneedling to its list of 20+ treatments. Keep reading to learn more about NJ Acupuncture Center and the new HydraFacials + microneedling treatments.

Woman receiving facial treatment at NJ Acupuncture

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New HydraFacial + Microneedling Treatments

NJ Acupuncture has two new wellness treatments to refresh + rejuvenate the skin. The NJ Acupuncture Center team can talk through any questions and help you figure out the right service for your skin.

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HydraFacials are a state-of-the-art skincare treatment that only takes 30 minutes and leaves skin looking healthy and hydrated. Anyone can enjoy a HydraFacial no matter their skin tone or texture.

“Vortex fusion” technology and nourishing super serums are used during this treatment to exfoliate the skin + painlessly suck debris from the face. Moisturizers and VIP antioxidant and peptide serums are applied next for fresh and vibrant skin.

HydraFacials are a “one-stop-shop” for any skincare goal and this treatment can help with fine lines, wrinkles, vibrancy, and minimizing pore appearance. Best of all, improvements in skin tone + texture are noticeable after the first treatment

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Microneedling is a minimally invasive skincare treatment that uses tiny needles to pierce the skin and encourage the skin’s healing process. It might sound scary or painful, but it’s a quick and easy process that leaves the skin firm and smooth.

This treatment works for any skin tone and encourages the body to make collagen (so it’s sometimes called collagen induction therapy). It takes a few weeks or months to see results from the treatment because the skin needs time to heal from the micro punctures.

Microneedling can help reduce acne scars, stretch marks, dark spots, sagging skin, and large pores. If you’ve recently been in the sun or are on certain medication, microneedling might not be right for you but the team at NJ Acupuncture can help answer any questions

“The combo of HydraFacial and microneedling is amazing because it cleanses the skin and preps it for the optimal skin texture to microneedle,” Ani Baran, L.ac owner and lead acupuncturist told The Hoboken Girl. 

Woman getting facial treatment from NJ Acupuncture

Other Popular Treatments

HydraFacial + Microneedling are the newest services in the mix, but NJ Acupuncture Center has a treatment menu with more than 20 wellness services. Treatments are customized to each client and no two services are exactly alike. 

Acupuncture treatments can help with chronic pain, weight loss, fertility, anxiety, improved sleep, and stress reduction. Acupuncture services end with a complimentary massage for additional pain relief and a mood boost.

Acupuncture treatment at NJ Acupuncture

Acufacials are painless age-fighting treatments that clear the complexion and plump the skin. CBD Therapy is a safe way to manage pain and anxiety. Cupping sessions, which last 45-60 minutes, can help with a variety of tissue issues.

BODYSculpting and FACESculpting are customized, signature experiences that use the powerful techniques of contouring and sculpting to deliver immediate results. These treatments reduce puffiness and help with lymphatic drainage.

Woman getting facial treatment at NJ Acupuncture

All About NJ Acupuncture

NJ Acupuncture Center opened in Jersey City + Bayonne in June 2016. The team uses ancient theories and modern advancements in Eastern medicine when developing individualized pain management, stress, anxiety, infertility, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Ani Baran, L.ac is the owner and lead acupuncturist. She was born in Yemen and moved to New Jersey as a toddler. She studied at Fordham University and Columbia University before deciding to become a licensed acupuncturist. She received her credentials after training for over 2,000 hours, passing her necessary exams, and studying Chinese medicine theory.

It’s natural to feel nervous if you are new to acupuncture, but it is safe and many people find it soothing. All of the needles used at NJ Acupuncture are pre-sterilized, disposable, and single-use. Extra time is built into the first appointment so you can relax and discuss any concerns. 

Ani Baran, L.ac standing in front of Acupuncture Center sign

NJ Acupuncture Center, located at 550 Newark Avenue Suite 201 in Jersey City and 930 Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne. You can call 201-668-0343 or email info@njacupuncturecenter.com with questions.


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