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Hoboken’s First Hot Chili Eating Contest is This Weekend

by Danielle Farina
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Hoboken has seen many a food festival, but a local non-profit is introducing something a little bit spicier to the Mile Square event scene. Computers 4 People — a non-profit organization started by Hoboken resident Dylan Zajac when he was just 15 — is hosting Hoboken’s first-ever Pepper Fest on Saturday, October 7th, where local residents have the chance to put their spice tolerances (or lack thereof) to the test, in addition to enjoying live music performances, games, and other food and drinks. The event is fundraising for Computers 4 Peoples’ donation program, which aims to limit e-waste and combat inequities in technology access. Read on for details about Hoboken’s first-ever Pepper Fest, a fundraising event hosted by Computers 4 People.

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The Event

The Hoboken Pepper Fest is slated to kick off on Saturday, October 7th, at 1PM at 256 Willow Avenue. Per a press release, the event promises an unforgettable day of “chili pepper madness, live music, games, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and all-around family-friendly fun.” What exactly does a “pepper fest” entail, you ask? It’s a 10-round hot chili eating contest that only the most spice-tolerant person could survive. Kind of like the Hot Wings YouTube Series, but with Hoboken locals and chili peppers instead of celebrities and chicken wings.

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Here’s how it works: the contest starts at 3PM. There are 10 rounds, and in each round contestants will need to eat and swallow an entire chili pepper without drinking water or milk. The chili peppers will increase in heat each round. The last standing contestant wins a prize of $500, with the second-place winner receiving $250, and the third-place receiving $100. It’s $29 to enter the contest, and those bold enough can register for it here. Tickets for the contest are limited to 20.

In addition to chili pepper-eating, the Hoboken Pepper Fest also features a lineup of live music performances, family-friendly games, and other food and drink that won’t singe your tastebuds. General admission tickets to the event are $19, with the option to purchase an additional meal voucher for $9. All proceeds from the festival go towards Computers 4 People’s programs. Tickets can be purchased here.

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About Computers 4 People

Computers 4 People was started by Hoboken resident Dylan Zajac, who became aware of extreme discrepancies in technology access at a young age — 15, to be exact. The organization refurbishes used or old computers (e-waste) and donates them to people and communities in need. To date, Computers 4 People has donated 2,196 computers, reused 21,713 pounds of e-waste, and provided 1,165,080 hours of internet to under-resourced communities in NJ and NYC. The Hoboken Girl has chatted with Dylan previously about his incredible work in the technology space, and you can read all about it here.

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