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All About Veris Residential’s Newest Residents 🐝

by Danielle Lynch
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Honeybees account for nearly 80% of the world’s pollination, contributing to a third of the food we eat. Local real estate company, Veris Residential, has created a unique approach to sustainability for its properties — through, you guessed it — bees. The Veris team has 17 properties in the area (you may be familiar with Haus25, The BLVD Collection, Soho Lofts, Liberty Towers, Port Imperial, and more, which we’ve covered prior!). And now, the various buildings under Veris’ direction and management have welcomed 750,000 new honeybee residents to its numerous Hudson County properties as part of a project called ‘Embrace the Bees.’ Read on to learn all about the honeybee colonies that have been installed at Veris properties throughout Hudson County and the positive impact honeybees will have on the surrounding areas.

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An Inside Look at the Embrace the Bees Project

This new honeybee initiative is reflective of Veris’ mission, which, according to its website, is committed to serving not only properties and people but the planet, too. The Embrace the Bees project at 15 of its properties includes the installation of two beehives at each location, adding 750,000 bees in total.

Each hive has a queen and a growing colony of worker bees that reside outside of the Veris Residential buildings, pollinating plants within a three-mile radius.

The Embrace the Bees project will work closely with Alvéole, a Certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet (a longstanding group that supports cities across North America and Europe) company.

Alvéole’s goal is to build ecological awareness by helping people to fall in love with bees, as well as contribute to creating more sustainable cities and local food systems for the future.

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How the Bees Impact Each Property

Residents at Veris Residential properties have been part of the process every step of the way, engaging in conversations about climate change, deforestation, water scarcity, food security, and the contributions of the very important honeybee.

As a nature-based amenity, each property will host engaging workshops and events with beekeepers to excite and engage residents on all aspects of this new initiative. It will also be used as a way to educate people about the importance of biodiversity, bee populations, climate change, food security, and more, as well as show how much bees contribute to and impact our everyday lives.

Veris is connecting urban citizens to nature, which directly enhances the health and well-being of its residents.

Each Veris building and its residents, both of which are dedicated to sustainability efforts, will be able to increase their connections to nature and help pollinate local, urban agriculture and greenery by tapping into their inner green beings (and buildings).

Through other efforts, such as resident composting, community gardens, and hydro-farming, and now the urban honeybees, residents at Veris Residential communities are able to connect more with the world around them.

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Veris Properties

If you’ve seen our Real Estate Directory, you know that Veris Residential has 17 properties, totaling over 6,400 units throughout the Hudson County area, including Jersey City (Haus25, The BLVD Collection, Soho Lofts, Liberty Towers), West New York/Weehawken (RiverHouse 9, RiverHouse 11, The Capstone), and Port Imperial (RiverTrace).

With its new initiatives, Veris is dedicated to sustainability projects and giving back to the planet

veris residential honeybees


Veris Residential is located at 210 Hudson Street, Suite 400 in Jersey City, with residential properties throughout the Hudson County area.

For more information, check out the 2022 ESG Report or learn more about Veris Residential’s sustainability efforts.

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