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This Meal Prep Service Delivers Homemade Dinners in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Ainsley Layland
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We all enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal at the end of the day. But the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterward is enough to deter even the most stalwart kitchen crusader. Enter: Riggs Company Provisions. This Hudson County entrepreneur discovered a gap in the meal prep market and set out to be the solution with a gourmet meal delivery company. Chef and owner Meghan McKee prides herself on cozy, restaurant-quality meals available for customers to savor at home, no reservations needed. Keep reading to find out how this local resident has closed that gap with her pandemic-born online business.

hoboken home cooked meals riggs

Lentil Soup

Pre-Made Meals for Campers + Commuters

Jersey City Heights resident Meghan McKee came up with the idea for Riggs Company Provisions — which supplies delicious, healthy pre-made meals — while camping in Maine. After buying all the supplies for two small meals, she realized there was a gap in the market for pre-made meals.

“I thought about how campers don’t want to travel with lots of excess but they still want a meal ready for them to heat up on a campfire or camp stove,” Meghan told Hoboken Girl. “I then thought about the commute I did from the city for many years, coming home at 7PM, already tired. I wanted a nice meal to come home to, something delicious and not processed, or frozen that I didn’t have to cook.”

The ready-made meals already available on the market left Meghan wanting more.

“I found that when I was looking for pre-made meals, they were for very specific diets. I have tried a lot of these meals and the one thing that was always missing was flavor,” Meghan said. “In a world where you can go buy frozen meals, I wanted meals that stood out. I wanted meals with flavor and not the same thing over and over. I absolutely love finding new ideas, new ingredients, and new flavors to share with my customers.”

This was the start of developing the idea for what would become Riggs Company Provisions. Currently a one-woman show, Meghan is the cook, delivery driver, janitor, office manager, and buyer. She has an assistant who helps at the farmers market.

hoboken home cooked meals riggs

Meghan McKee, Owner at Riggs Co.

What’s on the Menu at Riggs Co.

Every Tuesday Riggs Company Provisions offers meals such as pork chili, mexican chicken soup, short rib, and blue cheese pie, salmon nicoise salad, and lentil soup. Meghan has plans to expand to twice a week in the spring. Every Sunday until May, Riggs Co. will have a pop-up stall located in Palisade Wine and Liquors at 401 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City. There, customers can find appetizers, frozen soups, and frozen main courses.

hoboken home cooked meals riggs

Pork Chili

How to Order Your Own Meals

Riggs Company Provisions provides a rotating menu, made available each Wednesday for pre-order until the 6PM deadline on Sunday. Meals are then delivered to the customer’s home (for an additional fee) or ready for pickup at Palisade Wine and Liquors on Tuesdays by 4PM. The rotating menu keeps customers interested, as the cuisines span the globe.

“When you look at my menu, you will see that you will be enjoying meals from France, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, etc. The meals are for everyone. I offer gluten free options, as well as vegetarian and vegan options,” Meghan told Hoboken Girl. “If someone has allergies, I can try to adjust to their needs. I understand that people have different dietary restrictions and I can share any ingredients or nutritional information that they would require.”

The most popular menu items include smoked trout dip, corn chowder when it’s in season, Mexican Chicken Soup, Coq Au Vin, Bigos, Lamb Goulash, and Boeuf Bourguignon. According to Meghan, she also sells out of Râpée MorvAndelle (Shredded Potatoes with Ham, Eggs and Onions) every time she brings it to the farmers market.

hoboken home cooked meals riggs

Salmon Nicoise Salad

“I love making big elaborate meals that my customers wouldn’t make for themselves. I love the process of making the meal and then the excitement of people enjoying the food,” Meghan said. “Plus I always have a good dinner to go home to each week for myself.”

The goal of Riggs Company Provisions is to give the community in Hudson County something it has been missing — delicious, gourmet food at home.

“During the time of COVID-19, a lot of people still aren’t comfortable going out for a nice meal,” Meghan said. “Riggs Company Provisions is here to fill that void.”

hoboken home cooked meals riggs

Short Rib and Blue Cheese Pie

A Virtual Company with a Brick-and-Mortar Legacy

A natural problem-solver, Meghan loves running her own business not only for the challenge but also for the freedom it gives her to experiment with different recipes. 

“Right now I am operating as an online company. This was a great idea when I started in the midst of the pandemic,” Meghan said. “Ideally, I plan on opening up a brick and mortar, with a counter where you can pick up items for that night, or to accompany a meal or to bring to someone’s house as part of a potluck. There will be a freezer case of soups and meals, as well as a constant rotation of fresh meals, including a soup of the day.”

hoboken home cooked meal riggs

Mexican Chicken Soup

When Meghan launched her online business she pulled inspiration from her family’s history.

“My great great grandfather started a business in 1848 called The Riggs Company. The business ran until my grandfather retired,” Meghan shared. “Now I am learning a lot about my ancestors doing this, finding old items on Ebay from the company. It’s really fascinating.”

Follow along via social media at @RiggsCoProvisions for shop updates. You can email info@riggscoprovisions.com with questions.


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