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How to Spend a Day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

by Jennifer Tripucka
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 I know it’s freezing, and you’re thinking…I’m not leaving this house {let alone Hoboken} with all this snow. However, I strongly suggest that you fight the cabin fever and head across the river. Not to NYC persay…but to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn 1

Recently, I took a trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a day trip {as a tourist} for the very first time. Even though Brooklyn is relatively close, I had never been there. I was excited to walk around and peruse the street vendors and delicious restaurants around the Williamsburg area.

Brooklyn 2

First stop: the Bedford Cheese Shop.

This place smells like moldy cheese. For realz. However – you may be into that like me. Tons and tons of fresh cheeses ready for the taking, and even some gift baskets which are perfect for a housewarming gift. There was a decent-sized line to order fresh cheese from the deli area, but totally worth it. There are also some seasoned salamis for the carnivores. YUM.

Brooklyn 3

Second Stop: Street vendors.

I mean, where else can you find men writing poetry on typewriters in the middle of the street?  Definitely not Hoboken, that’s for sure.

Brooklyn 4

More street vendors.

Brooklyn 5

Third Stop: Williamsburg Creamery.

Yes, I realized we did this a bit backwards, but isn’t dessert better to start your food experience? Try the Chocolate Marshmallow flavor and Cream & Coffee Fudge. Deeeelish.

Brooklyn 6

Fourth Stop: BEST PIZZA.

This place is seriously giving Hoboken pizza a run for its money. The coolest parts of this little pizza joint? Perhaps the artistic paper plates on the ceiling…and/or the hip-hop situation that blares through the speakers while they make their pies in the brick oven. My day trip buddy had actually gone there several times, and since he raved about it– we just had to try it.

Brooklyn 7

Fifth Stop: Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

When you pass by Blue Bottle Coffee, you’ll immediately know that it’s a popular joint for coffee. There’s a long line out the door, always. Started in Oakland, CA — this coffee co focuses on single-origin beans and is prepared by skilled baristas. Definitely worth a trip if you need a little caffeine pick-me-up! 

Brooklyn 8

6th Stop: Vintage Shops

There are a plethora of these — some are overpriced {TBH – 25 cents per button? Kind of a ripoff!}, but you can also find some great spots. A few I’d recommend to at least visit: Awoke Vintage, Atlantis Attic, 10 Ft Single by Stella, and Rabbits

Brooklyn 9

7th Stop: The Meatball Shop.

Yes, I know. We ate and drank a lot while we were here. But of COURSE I had to try The Meatball Shop! Such an awesome and delicious spot {with a cute/funky ambiance, too}. This was the view to the street and also where we consumed our meatballs. Basically, you check off your meatball order on a menu {type of meat, sauce, toppings/sides, etc} and it is served. And oh-so-delicious. I ordered the chicken meatball with pesto sauce. Highly recommend!

Last but not least — there’s always the view from the other side:

View from Brooklyn

While there are SO many other nooks and crannies and great places to explore in Williamsburg {let alone Brooklyn} — these are a just a few spots for the amateur visitor to help get your BK feet wet. Feel free to tweet HG with questions or tell us about where you go!

Have you been to Brooklyn? What’s your favorite spot?

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