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New Technology Means Quick + Easy Visits at Hoboken Smile Specialists

by Ainsley Layland
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If going to the dentist — or taking a child to the dentist — has topped your list of things you’d rather not do, think again. Located in downtown Hoboken at 33-41 Newark Street, Suite 2A, Hoboken Smile Specialists offers virtually pain-free fillings and other general procedures that can be completed in a matter of minutes thanks to the new technology of the Solea Laser. Keep reading to learn more about the practice and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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Anxiety-Free, Shotless Dentistry

Dr. Radhika Kapoor, DDS felt it was imperative to open a practice where patients felt like they could be treated transparently and comprehensively. In 2016, she opened Hoboken Smile Specialists to make that a reality. Now, with advanced technology, patients can almost enjoy going to the dentist since procedures are quick and some fixes, like fillings, don’t require local anesthesia.

“The best part of running my practice is providing comprehensive, integrated oral health services to the community,” Dr. Kapoor mentioned. “It’s rewarding being an asset to the community by applying the latest technologies, materials, and methods of practicing dentistry to improve patient experience and outcomes.”

This shift to laser dentistry technology replaces the numb-drill-fill practice of having teeth filled.

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“Solea can be used in place of most traditional practices, but not all. You can use Solea for cavity removal, gum disease treatments, canker sore treatment, and so much more,” Dr. Kapoor told Hoboken Girl. “Whether you’re looking for soft tissue procedures to help with gum disease or you need dental fillings/crowns, choosing a Solea provider means that you’re choosing a dental practice that is willing to work hard to put the patient first.”

Hoboken Smile Specialists clients will find that laser dentistry makes getting fillings or crowns infinitely easier and treating gum issues, tongue and lip ties are now painless fixes. The practice also offers orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and general dentistry,  all with the patient’s comfort and health in mind.

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The new technology of the Solea Laser means most routine dental procedures can be performed without the aid of anesthesia. This dramatically reduces the total time needed for such procedures, which means patients can get back to their regular routine with very little downtime or discomfort.

The laser technology causes less pain before and during the procedure with greater precision meaning less damage to healthy tissue. This has reduced the number of overall visits per patient, allowing Hoboken Smile Specialists the flexibility to help more people.

Collaborative Care at Hoboken Smile Specialists

The primary goal at Hoboken Smile Specialists is to educate and empower patients and their families to have the tools to have optimum oral health and understand the relationship between oral health and systemic health. Dr. Kapoor says this starts at a young age. 

“Being able to make children comfortable with going to the dentist is another goal, and that extends to the adult side of our practice. The type of doctors in our practice are warm, empathetic, and intelligent. They are able to relay information to patients in a way that allows them to make informed decisions.”

After working for multiple practices and caring for her own family with various health issues, Dr. Kapoor envisioned owning a practice where healthcare would be demystified. From clinical to administrative questions, her practice works to be transparent and maintain a superior level of standard of care with the goal of providing abundant information so patients can be informed without feeling compelled. 

“I hope to bridge the gap between various specialties in order to provide collaborative care for patients. Our providers have gone above and beyond typical dental education to truly advance their careers to be able to treat a variety of patients with diverse needs,” mentioned Dr. Kapoor. “What sets us apart from other practices is our constant pursuit of continued education to offer a variety of services and the latest in technology for ultimate patient comfort.”


Don’t forget to mention Hoboken Girl to receive $1,250 OFF Invisalign through August 30th. Call 201-683-7018 for more details and to schedule an appointment.

You can follow along via Instagram for updates and additional promotional offers on Invisalign, Zoom whitening, and checkups for patients who don’t have insurance.

The practice is located at 33-41 Newark Street, Suite A in Hoboken. You can CLICK HERE or call 201-683-7018 for more information or schedule an appointment.


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