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Tessa International School in Hoboken Teaches Students Spanish, French, AND Mandarin Starting in Pre-K

by Hoboken Girl Team
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When it comes to selecting the best school for your child — whether it’s private or public — it can be tough to know where to begin. Tessa International School, an independent school located at 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken, teaches students in French, Mandarin, and Spanish with the goal of encouraging students to become world citizens. Choosing the right school is all about finding a good fit for each student — keep reading to learn 3 tips from Tessa International that can help you find the best school for your child’s future.

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How to Find The School That Best Suits Your Child

Tessa International School understands that finding a school that suits your child can be a big undertaking. To help navigate the search process, Tessa International has compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help ensure your child ends up at a wonderful school.

Consider your priorities: As you begin your search, consider what your top priorities are for your child’s education. Take into account specific learning styles, the size of the school and its diversity, and the structure of the school — meaning whether it provides classes from PreK to 5th grade or beyond. In addition to strong academics, look into which co-curricular programs are offered like music, technology, dual language, and character education. 

Do your homework: As you narrow down the selection, it’s time to do a deep dive into how each school practices its educational philosophy, how student achievement is measured, and what qualifications the teaching staff has. Consider how the school will nurture your child’s interests over time, what leadership opportunities the school provides, and what percentage of students attend their school of choice after graduation. Visiting the campus in person can help you decide if your child will thrive there.

Start the process: Schools typically post the admissions schedule and financial aid material in August or September, some with a “rolling” schedule where spaces are offered as long as there are open seats. Screenings and parent interviews give the school a chance to see if young children are ready for an early childhood program.

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The process can be overwhelming, but with clear priorities and your child’s best interests at heart, each family will inevitably find the best fit. Begin researching early on and ask for a copy of the school’s latest magazine to give you insight into the values, priorities, and culture of the school.

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Happy World Citizens in Training at Tessa International

As you dive into your school search process, consider why Tessa International could be a great choice for your child. Students at Tessa International School are taught to embrace the world with enthusiasm, confidence, and the strong will to make a difference. Children are also introduced to other languages and cultures in order to enhance their cultural awareness; they are bilingual and culturally adaptable.

“It is amazing to see their minds open to challenges, opportunities, and diversity. With more than 50 countries represented among our community, our students are constantly immersed in different cultures and grow to accept and love our differences,” Kathleen Visconti, the Head of School told Hoboken Girl.

Enrollment is quickly growing at Tessa with additional classrooms and spaces including two new grades, two new sections in Spanish for next year, four additional classrooms, a new library, and Maker Space. The thoughtfully-designed campus has been built to provide students with a modern, bright, and warm space to promote healthy learning, improve their well-being, and generate a positive attitude. Campus tours are regularly available so interested families can get a better feel for the class environment and decide if Tessa is the best fit for their child.

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The Benefits of an Immersive Bilingual Language Experience

More than just childcare, Tessa provides a strong educational foundation for children starting at age two. Attending an independent + bilingual international school provides young children with the knowledge and social experiences needed to prepare them for preschool, giving them a headstart in communication skills and academics. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten classes attend 80% immersion programs while 1st through 3rd grade students experience a 50% dual language setting.

The immersion setting for language learning works well for young children because children have environmental advantages when learning language that most adults don’t have. Very young children are immersed in multilingual environments and quickly learn conversational and academic language. Children are also better candidates for immersive language learning because they have fewer inhibitions. According to the Tessa website, it’s much easier to learn a language if you’re comfortable making mistakes, a hurdle that makes most adults extremely anxious.

The teachers at Tessa International School are highly-trained instructors from the United States, France, Spain, China, and Mexico, among other Spanish, Chinese, and French-speaking countries. Each individual is deeply invested in their work and committed to helping children prepare to become global leaders.

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Tessa International School is located at the Monroe Center at 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken. Interested families can call 201-755-5585 or reach out to [email protected] with questions.

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