It’s Time to Play Hoboken Parking Bingo

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If you’re a Hoboken resident or visitor, many of these street parking faux pas will sound VERY familiar to you: Accidentally parking in a Temporary No Parking Zone. Getting a street cleaning ticket. Forgetting to extend the parking meter app. Circling for way too long to find a spot. Parking in Hoboken is no joke, and there are really tricks to the trade and a lot of rules to follow. So, allow us to introduce: Hoboken Parking Bingo.

hoboken parking bingo

When Apartment Therapy came out with their Millennial Apartment Bingo last week, not only were we totally shook and revisiting all the marble tables and IKEA purchases in our lives, but we just *knew* we had to raise them one for a local Hoboken parking version. Lo and behold, we’re sharing a Hoboken Parking Bingo game — created exclusively by Team HG — for your parking and ticket-avoiding {or getting} pleasure.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Save the below Bingo card to your phone/computer.
  2. Share the blank card on social media tagging @HobokenGirlBlog so your friends and family can play too.
  3. For every parking or ticket situation that’s happened to you, mark with an X or dot [can be done in stories as a 2nd slide to show the before and after].
  4. Once you get 5 in a row across, down, diagonally = BINGO.
  5. Middle spot is free, of course, {but only on Christmas, New Year’s Day and a few other days throughout the year 😉}.

hoboken parking bingo hoboken girl

Fingers crossed you DON’T get ‘Bingo,’ but chances are pretty high that you will — if you’ve driven a car in Hoboken, well, ever.

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Here’s to hoping Hoboken Parking Bingo stifles the pain of parking in Hoboken juuuust a bit {trust, it’s rough out there}. And feel free to send this to your friends who live outside of Hoboken and visit the Mile Square occasionally too; they may have a better Hoboken Parking Bingo score than a resident ever could. God speed, and may the parking meters be ever in your favor.

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