• The Best Hoboken Moving Companies, According to Locals

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    There’s a place where one can find anything they need to know about Hoboken or Jersey City life — the HG Insider’s Facebook Group. Whether you need to find a roommate, a good tailor, or recommendations for the best eggs benedict in the Mile Square, HG Hoboken and Jersey City Insiders have the answers. Join the group here and get in on the action. In the meantime, enjoy this list of tried and true moving companies in the area.

    “Hi all! Does anyone have a recommendation for movers in Hoboken that would be cheap, but GOOD? I live in Hoboken and will be moving to a new apartment in town {less than a mile away}. What is the average price range?”

    Kerry Ann

    GoWagon Packing + Moving — Yes!! Rui is awesome! I’ve used them for two big moves and small ones.” 

    Denise Carballo Ocello

    “I’ve used Tommy’s Moving several times. Always a good experience.”

    Veronica Kennedy

    Jersey Movers. They’re the best! Arrived on time, finished early, charged us $100 less than they quoted.”  

    Taryn Fucci Cannataro

    Morrissey’s Movers are awesome. I’ve used them three times over the years. Great crew and reasonable pricing. Good luck!” 

    Ashley Casorio

    I used L+L for my move {very short distance – just down the hall of the same building} and they were great!”

    Arielle Kuzdral

    Absolutely Optimum Moving NJ.”  

    Cindy Polansky Altberger

    Flatrate movers were great! I’ve used them twice but they can be a bit pricey.

    Marie Rose

    I have used Veteran Movers NYC and they are great. Not based in Hoboken, however, I used them for my last move which was within Hoboken as well and they gave a great rate and the movers are all military veterans.

    Samantha Levinson

    Accurate Movers — These guys will come to Hoboken they’re amazing and charge a flat rate rather than hourly. HIGHLY recommend. I used them moving from Staten Island to Hoboken and my parents used them to move all the way to Florida from NY

    Kristina Persson

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    • Flat rate was super expensive
      Rushed and half of our items we have found were broken or reassembled with incorrect screws or just plain incorrectly and dangerously for our kids
      We would recommend never using them
      Recommend by our realtor (insert eye roll)

    • Tommy’s need to close their damn gate where they park their trucks on Grand Street near Columbus Park. They leave it open for their own convenience when out on jobs, blacking the sidewalk.

      The city should do something about it, really.

      • Sabrina this is Tommy from the moving company. The gate get closed but the building has tenants that walk through during the day. I’m sure my guys pulled the truck out and did not shut the gate before but we share the gate with tennents. I thank you for your post and will share it with my team and also others. It is a major concern of mine and with parents pushing carriages it leaves little space and is dangerous.


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