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Hoboken Ranked 1st in ’25 Most Educated Towns’ in New Jersey

by Steph
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Hoboken is one of the smartest places to live. Literally. At least in New Jersey!

The top 25 most educated cities and townships throughout New Jersey were evaluated based on the percentage of residents with higher education. According to the data, Hoboken has ranked number one.

The data shows 50.2 percent of Hoboken’s population as possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher. In comparison with other townships on the list, Edgewater borough in Bergen County came in second and has a bachelor’s degree percentage of 43.9. With Hoboken beating out Edgewater by six whole points, that’s a relatively large gap. Medford township in Burlington County placed 25th, with a bachelor degree percentage of 34.9 for context.

The graduate and professional degree percentages in Hoboken are also high in comparison to its contenders. Data finds that 28.1 percent of Hoboken’s residents possess a graduate or professional degree.

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New Jersey’s statistics, in general, are promising in the way of education. In fact, more than 23 percent of NJ residents who are 25 years old and older have a bachelor’s degree. New Jersey ranks seventh in the nation for most educated state.

But despite these positive statistics, the data clearly shows an issue of higher education distribution. It is not even across the state. Wealthier towns have significantly more educated residents. This ultimately relates to the expenses of higher education and affects the earning power of those with higher education degrees.

Behind Hoboken, Edgewater came in second, Glen Rock borough in Bergen County came in third, Ramsey borough came in fourth, and Ridgewood village came in fifth. Townships from Bergen County claimed eight of the total 25 spots and towns in slots #2-#5 are all located in Bergen County.


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On Niche, a website that also ranks townships on several different quality of life factors, Hoboken scores an overall A+ grade and ranks #1 Best Places to Live in Hudson County. It also ranks high, also #1, for Best Place in New Jersey for millennials. Hoboken has a population of approximately 54,117 and the median rent is $2,100. {The national median rent is $949 for comparison.} It’s no surprise that 67 percent of the Hoboken populations rents rather than owns property, as the median home value is $652,200.

Also according to Niche, 37 percent of the Hoboken population is ages 25 to 34 years old. Eight percent of the community has some college or associate’s degree and only 6 percent possess education less than a high school diploma.

Not to bore you with numbers, but when you add all the facts together, it makes sense. Hoboken can be an expensive place to live, so first off, residents need to be able to afford the rent or mortgages. Secondly, Hoboken’s close proximity to Manhattan makes utmost sense for millennials and recent graduates, who need to live close to the city in order to find jobs with high pay.

All rankings are based on the educational degrees of people 25 years and older, according to the 2017 American Community Survey by the Census Bureau.

What’s your reaction to the #1 ranking in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments below!

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