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A List of At-Home Cleaning Services to Use in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Yiwei Gu
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This year, home cleaning has taken on greater significance than simply getting your home ready for a new season. A clean and de-cluttered space can not only keep us and our families away from germs, but also reduces our stress and boosts our mood. Because the COVID-19 pandemic calls for extra attention to home cleaning, many households are seeking help from professionals who use specialized tools and chemicals to disinfect homes. This process, called “fogging,” uses a sprayer to disperse disinfectant in the space. In response to the demand, some local home cleaning services have added such services to their offerings. Read on to find out the home cleaning services are available now in Hoboken and Jersey City and what they offer.

Disclaimer: Please utilize these recommendations at your own risk. While getting your home cleaned is legal under the current state as it stands at the time of posting, things can change rapidly. Please do what is best for you + your family, understanding the risks of having someone else in your home.

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Maid in Hoboken | Hoboken

A longtime Hoboken cleaning staple, Maid in Hoboken now offers a COVID-19 disinfecting fogging service, in which a non-toxic antimicrobial solution is applied to surfaces and sprayed in the air. For a typical 2-bed 2-bath home, the cleaning takes between 2.5 to 3 hours, at a cost of $95 per hour. The fogging process, which takes place after cleaning, takes about an hour, in which people and pets are advised to leave the apartment. 

Total cost for cleaning and fogging: $550-$600. Appointments can be booked by phone at 201-659-9500

VepoClean (FNA EcoPure) Home & Apartment Cleaning Services | Hoboken + Jersey City

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VepoClean’s home cleaning services cover Hoboken, Jersey City Heights, and downtown Jersey City. According to its website, it uses green and organic products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The hourly rate for a typical 2-bed 2-bath apartment is about $80 plus tax and takes about 2.5-3 hours. In addition to regular cleaning, EcoPure also provides extra “steam vapor” and “fogging disinfection” services. According to the VepoClean staff, this “steam vapor” kills viruses and bacteria using high temperatures, and the process takes about an hour. Since only water is used, people do not need to leave the premises in the interim. “Fogging” disinfects by spraying EPA-approved agents into the air. And since disinfecting chemicals are used, people need to leave the space, and the entire process takes about two hours. 

The prices for both services are the same and depend on the square footage of the premises. An 800 square feet apartment, for example, costs about $180. Appointments can be booked online or by phone at 201-474-3133

Regina’s Maids | Hoboken + Jersey City

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The services offered by Regina’s Maids include regular home cleaning and move-out cleaning. Disinfection is performed after regular cleaning, with extra attention to “high-risk” surfaces such as doorknobs. The owner also told Hoboken Girl that the business is soon going to add the fogging disinfection service to its list of services offered. “We are just waiting for the machines to arrive,” the owner said, and although the pricing is not set yet, “it’s going to be a very fair price.” 

The pricing follows a slightly different model. First-time home cleaning comes at a cost of $80 per hour, and the cost of each subsequent recurring visit will be charged at a flat fee, which will be decided after the first session according to the size and state of the premise. Appointments can be booked by phone at 201-420-1111 or on its website.

Irene’s Cleaning

Irene’s offers both one-time and recurring home cleaning services. In addition to regular home cleaning, an additional fogging service is also available, for which Lysol disinfecting solution is sprayed via a steaming machine. It takes about 5-10 minutes for the mist to settle on surfaces. 

One-time cleaning is charged at an hourly rate and the total cost for a 2- bed 2- bath apartment is around $120 for a session that lasts approximately two hours. For recurring, bi-weekly cleaning, the service is charged at a flat rate of $90 each time. Fogging comes at an extra charge of $20. Appointments can be scheduled on its website.

Kelly Maid Service

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This is a small home cleaning business, offering bread-and-butter cleaning services including sweeping, scrubbing, wiping, and de-cluttering — what households need on an everyday basis. 

The price is $60 an hour with a two-hour minimum, regardless of home size. Appointments can be booked by phone at 201-628-6800 or on the website.

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Clean Popo Cleaning | Hoboken + Jersey City

Clean Popo is open for service in Hoboken and Jersey City offering various cleaning packages, including regular and deep cleaning. 

For a typical 2-bed 2-bath apartment, regular cleaning takes about two to three hours and would cost between $120 and $200. Services can be booked on its website, and typically an appointment can be scheduled the day after the booking.

Supermaid | Hoboken + Jersey City

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The business provides regular and recurring cleaning services in Hoboken and Jersey City. For homes that haven’t been cleaned for a while, deep cleaning and add-ons such as oven and fridge cleaning services are also available at an extra cost. 

The pricing depends on the size of the premises. A typical single-floor apartment that requires a 2-person team costs around $150-$200. Appointments can be booked online.

Rosie’s Cleaning

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The business offers home and office cleaning on both a one-off and regular basis. Instead of an hourly rate, a flat fee depending on the size of the premise is charged. Disinfection of hard surfaces especially in the kitchen and bathrooms is included in the service. Oven and microwave cleaning can also be requested. 

For a typical 2 bed 2 bath apartment, a first-time visit costs about $90, and subsequent visits will be $5 cheaper. Appointments can be booked at 201-892-9913. 

Best Office Cleaning

Best Office Cleaning is a commercial disinfecting and sanitizing service that offers cleaning services to businesses in Northern NJ and the NYC area. The company cleans everything from medical offices, office buildings, schools, gyms, and post-construction sites.

Total cleaning and fogging is $345-$470, depending on the size of the home.

Metro Disinfect | Hoboken


Started during the Coronavirus pandemic, Metro Disinfect was created in order to make homes and businesses safe to be in. The company uses a unique approach of Isopropyl Alcohol, UV Light, and Ozone viruses and bacteria are eliminated safely as well as effectively. The business is located in Hoboken New Jersey and serves the New York Tri-State area.


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