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18 Hoboken Girls Twinning with Their Dogs: Mother’s Day 2019 Edition

by Will
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It’s no secret that just like couples — often times, dog owners and their dogs begin to resemble each other. Many of us start to look like our poodles or begin to mirror our Yorkies. This Mother’s Day, we’ve taken to the streets of Hoboken to find dog moms who, well, twin with their dogs. From cuddly French bulldogs to a rambunctious Jack Russel Terrier, there are many similarities for these dog moms and four-legged babes. Read on to meet 18 dog moms twinning with their dogs, Mother’s Day 2019 edition, thanks to Will of Puparazzi

Emily and Reese

Vivacious, bold, and downright adorable are what Reese and her owner represent in this dog mom duo.

“Since she’s named Reese’s after the Peanut Butter Cups, naturally, I wanted us to match in honor of her namesake. She’s just as wild as me — my orange jumpsuit and her bright orange tutu, seemed a fitting homage. She brought her doughnut squeaky toy along!”

Hank and Elle

Although a relative newcomer to the Mile Square, Hank and his owner are doing their best to make Hoboken home and rep local teams.

“Since moving to Hoboken from Rhode Island, Hank and I have tried to become better residents of the tri-state by supporting a hometown team, despite our strong allegiances for Boston basketball and football. Who better to follow than the Yankees? A New York team seemed fitting for my NY dood.”

Jen and Pierre the Frenchie + Finn the Shih Tzu Rescue

jen dogs dog mom

Jen’s two dogs,  Pierre, her brindle French bulldog, and Shi Tzu mix Finn, fill her home with life and excitement.

“Pierre, our brindle French bulldog, joined our family in 2013, and after six years of cuddles and side eye and being the Hoboken Girl Mascot, it’s safe to say he’s still king of the house,” she shares.

“We fell in love and rescued Finn, a Shih Tzu mix, from Wise Animal Rescue in early 2018 when he was just eight weeks old at a foster home. He’s a loving, excited little man that loves nothing more than chewing on his big brother’s legs, face, ears — you name it. {Pierre likes it…most of the time — keeps him young and on his toes.} Having the two of them together is a lot of work but totally worth it; they keep us entertained and fill our home with life.”

Harper and Alyson

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Harper and Alyson share more than just their curly blond hair and their love for pink gingham. They have the same personalities too. They love to socialize, and now that it is getting warm out you will see them dining out around Hoboken. Rarely apart and always smiling, these two are certainly the cutest of twins.

Kristy and Akira the Pomsky

For Akira the Pomsky and her owner Kristy, both love wearing H&M. Akira is an avid traveler, a Bark Box subscriber, and lover of the film Lady and the Tramp. 

Otto and Jocelyn

For Otto, it’s representing his owner’s favorite teams that make him a special pup.

“We rescued Otto from North Shore Animal League about four years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. My husband and I grew up watching Syracuse University sports all of our lives and knew we wanted to name our pup Otto after their mascot!”

Dana and Santino

Dog mom Dana named her dog Santino after one of her favorite characters.

“I’ve bought Santino home last August! He’s quite the handsome Yorkie. Santino is named after my favorite movie character, Santino {Sonny} Corleone from The Godfather series,” she says.

Cash and Anne

After meeting her pup Cash, dog mom Anne became a dog lover.

“Cash, my five-year-old Boston terrier converted me,” she says. “I used to want nothing to do with dogs—or any pets, really—until Cash came along. He’s my bestie. The rain never dampens our spirits or style!”

Poncho and Heather

Poncho and his mom spend their days matching in Adidas.

“This is Poncho! He’s a mix of five different breeds! We wore matching Adidas outfits! Although he’s not very athletic and can’t catch a ball he will do anything for a treat.”

Waffles and Danielle

Waffles and his mom are sporting a chambray Aztec look for spring. Waffles enjoys Pier C {especially running down the kiddie slide}, and his favorite place to drag his parents to on a daily basis is Union Hall for lots of treats.

Frye and Melissa

Frye as a foster dog before meeting his parents. Today, he’s in a happy home and dressing like his new mom.

“My fiancée and I fostered Frye in October 2017 and immediately fell in love with him. We adopted him soon after. Frye always loved being on camera and has been featured the BarkShop website. Frye loves to dress up and model different toys. Frye is the chief greeter at the dog park and loves to makes both human and puppy friends. Frye and I are both wearing our favorite leather coats.”

Dana and Obie

Owner Dana and her husband adopted Obie from the ASPCA in August 2018 and have been in love with their pup ever since.

“My husband is a huge Boston sports fan, so as a dig to him, I dressed Obie and myself up in New York Rangers gear to make a point that even though he’s named after Boston sports players, he still has some New York sports loyalty.”

Cassandra and Blü + Gemma

Cassandra and her two pups Blü + Gemma dress up in extravagant + fun outfits on the regular. 

“I have been responsible for dressing these pups up in ridiculous outfits, singing to them on special occasions, cooking them special treats, and celebrating every pup-versary and milestone — and I’ve loved every second of it.”

Blue and Julie

Blue has become a little bundle of joy for his new mom.

“For only being six months old and having a baby sister that just turned one month, Blue has been a blessing. He is the greatest big brother already and we wouldn’t trade him for the world,” Julie explains.

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Lisa and Makalu

Nothing is more classic or ’90s than your favorite jean jacket look. The laid back, casual vibe is a go-to for both Lisa and Makalu, a sweet rescue pup from Puerto Rico. From brunch to squirrel chasing, they are ready for whatever the weekend brings.

Melissa and Taylor

Michelle says that her pup Taylor has won a variety of best puppy awards for the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. Oh, and he’s an avid traveler too, ready for any kind of weather.

“Our matching red vests are perfect for keeping us warm — whether we are hiking across the Colorado Rockies or the Swiss Alps — both of which are already checked off on Taylor’s bucket list.”

Jess and Coco

Jess and Coco are doubling down on denim. Though their outfits are famously referred to as “Canadian tuxedos,” they are still true Jersey girls at heart.

Luna and Nicolette

Luna has become her mom’s sidekick for exploring the Mile Square.

“Luna is truly my best friend! She can just sense when I am having a bad day and knows when extra cuddles are needed. I love to bring her with me everywhere I go in Hoboken. She’s my sidekick. She loves all of the attention that she gets.”

Have you ever twinned with your four-legged friend? Let us know in the comments! 

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