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Hoboken Fitness: 5 Running Clubs {for You to Join}

by Monica Sainz
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Running is everyone’s favorite workout to hate, especially when trying to work on a New Year’s resolution. Though we often cringe at the idea of going out for a run {when there are so many other fun workouts to do in Hoboken}, it does not *always* have to be unbearable. Like some people who have gym buddies, you can find running buddies in the Hoboken area through the numerous local running clubs. The Hoboken running clubs are not JUST composed of seasoned runners either – beginners join too! Here are a few of the local running clubs that can get you from Netflix couch potato to fit {or at least off the couchbaby steps}.


The Hoboken Elysianettes

The Hoboken Elysianettes Running Society is a running club exclusively for women in the Hoboken area. They are a non-profit charitable organization under the Road Runners Clubs of America. The ladies run weekly on the waterfront’s paths in Hoboken, taking in the picturesque views of the Hudson and New York City at the same time. Beginners are provided with training assistance and advice while more seasoned runners are given the opportunity to run in marathons and half-marathons throughout the year, so there is a place for runners of all strengths {so don’t worry if the farthest you’ve ever run is to grab a bagel at Hot Bagels before the line gets too long}. Th annual membership is only $20, so it’s a pretty cheap “gym” membership. For more information, email elysianettes@gmail.com or visit their site.

Fleet Feet Running Club

Fleet Feet is a sports store in Hoboken at 604 Washington Street that provides running gear + advice and a running club to the community. The Fleet Feet club does a run each Wednesday at 7 p.m. all year long and are always welcoming new runners to join their family {along with free water – you know how sparse that can be in Hoboken — NOT SARCASM}. Walkers, run/walkers, runners and also triathletes attend each Wednesday, making it an event for people of all strengths. In addition to weekly runs, they hold running events throughout the year to for all to attend and learn about the *fun that is running {*…or so they say}! PS – you may remember the 5K training program our editor tried here.

Hoboken Harriers

The Hoboken Harriers Running Club {also known as HOHA}, was founded in 1988 and is running strong today. The group runs generally four times weekly, and the courses vary based on mileage. The nice part about it is that they always make sure that no runner is ever left behind – even if you’re slower. Runners of all types are welcome, in addition to 5K walkers for certain events. Not only will you improve your skillzz in this club, but unless you’re a totally cranky exercisers, you’ll probably make some friends too. Runners of all ages are welcome, and the only criteria for joining HOHA is a $10 bill for the year.

NJ Running Co Club

The NJ Run Co is also a runners’ store in Hoboken {located at 127 Wash}, but they also host a ton of events and runs around the mile square. Sometimes they do a “Thirsty Thursday” group run — which always ends at one of our favorite healthy spots, honeygrow. If you’re a new runner or someone who is looking for new shoes, we recommend this spot — they will properly fit you, let you test the shoes on their treadmill, and they have lots of fun styles and colors! Visit their IG @hobokenrunco to stay in the running loop!

Gold Coast Triathlon Club

For the SERIOUSLY fancy ‘letes and non-yoggers, the Gold Coast Triathlon Club is a non-profit dedicated to growing athletes’ abilities. Club members are mentored, learn through group training sessions, and socialize with one another inside and outside of the group. Members also practice swimming and biking so they can participate in triathlons in the future {#GOALS}. Scheduled swimming, cycling, and running meets take place weekly and annual dues are only $25. Email the Gold Coast Triathlon Club at info@gctri.org or visit their Facebook page for more information.


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