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Feeling the cabin fever? Perfect timing to go from couch to 5K! In September and October, I participated in a weekly 5K training program called No Boundaries through Fleet Feet Hoboken {and lived to tell the tale of my unathletic abilities…}. The program is designed for beginner runners and people who are currently inactive or minimally active.


Now why, might you ask, am I discussing this now? Because of its popularity, there is open registration for a spring training of the same program, continued.

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The beautiful Pier A–one of the locations of the No Boundaries Training Program practices


The first part of the program is basically a 9-week safe, fun, and non-intimidating program designed for beginners who are interested in running for the first time, working on improving their running skills, as well as doing a run or walk in a 5k race. Along the way, Fleet Feet provides you with motivation, guidance and advice, weekly group training runs, and educational clinics on topics such as proper nutrition, choosing the right gear, and avoiding injury. There are pace groups for every level of runner so you won’t be running alone. 

Here are some of the details:

  • A complete 9 week program with a schedule detailing weekly workouts
  • A weekly, coached group training session at Fleet Feet Hoboken
  • Informational clinics on proper footwear, injury prevention and nutrition
  • A weekly email with tips, advice, motivation & encouragement
  • Dedicated support from coaches and answers to individual question
  • Exclusive Shopping Specials at Fleet Feet Hoboken
  • Dry run of race course prior to event
  • A New Balance technical running t-shirt and if you attend 80% of the runs – a special prize!

no boudnaries

On the first day of practice in the program, coaches helped determine what pace group best suited my fitness level with an easy, basic assessment of my starting point fitness level. There were 3 groups:

  • Walk Group – brisk walking
  • Run/Walk Group A
  • Run Group – continuous running

I’m somewhere in the middle but brisk walking definitely felt the most comfortable. Newsflash: I’m not the biggest fan of running but know how good of a workout it is…with a congenital heart defect I usually have to take is slower than the average beginning runner. The great part was that there were coaches in every level so you didn’t feel like you were missing out on running tips if you were in the slower group like moi. I learned so much: including the best way to run (heel v. toe), best stretches, how to breathe effectively, pacing, etc. Plus, every week, we’d receive training schedule emails with tips and details of how and when we should be running – which was great to help us keep on track. Double plus — all runners got a free No Boundaries t-shirt!

For this second part of the program {which you can join even if you didn’t do the first part!}, you’ll learn to run or run/walk farther and faster as you master the 5 mile distance. This 10-week program is designed for someone new to the 5 mile distance and/or looking for a little more intensity. Training will start at 2 miles and build up to the 5 mile distance. The cost is $110 – which is definitely less than some gym memberships!

fun run

Just FYI, Fleet Feet Hoboken also hosts a TON of local running events that are usually free and lots of fun. Click here to like them on Facebook so you can stay in the loop!


Overall I really enjoyed my experience with No Boundaries — you are guaranteed to get a good run in AT LEAST once per week when you attend {and it motivates you throughout the week to work out for sure} — plus you meet some fellow runners and friends in Hoboken, and get a great view of the skyline to boot.

Click here to purchase your spot in the program. Remember MDW is only a few short months away….eek {slash thank GOODNESS, I can’t take any more of this snow}. Training starts March 11th and ends May 11th.

Have you participated in the No Boundaries program? What did you think?



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