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#HobokenFitContest Back Again for 2018 {+ There’s a POOL}

by Nicole
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First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the holidays, and finally New Year’s…the food and drinks are basically nonstop. But this year, we are not letting you give up on that New Year’s resolution to get fit. That’s right, we are back again for the ultimate shape up, teaming up with Total Nutrition Kitchen and its owner, Chris Almazan of Chris Almazan Fitness and Sky Club Fitness to host The #HobokenFitContest from January 15, 2018 – February 15, 2018.

hoboken fit contest 2018 chris almazan

Working out with a trainer usually involves a diet and workout plan and then working out with them a few times per week, but then the holidays come around and you’re thrown to the wolves {the wolves being mom and grandma shoving three different types of pie down your throat}. But this time it’s different. The reason? We’ve got the meals to coordinate with your workouts and actually make you see results — in ONE MONTH, post holiday shenanigans. The #HobokenFitContest is going to incorporate 3 elements to help you transform your body, starting right after the holidays. And of course there’s a prize.  Here’s how it’s all going down:

The #HobokenFitContest starts Monday, January 15, 2018 for 20 people in Hudson County {yes — we’re giving you a FULL week and a half to recover from NYE but there are a limited # of spots}, and then it’s game on.

When you sign up for the program, you get the following from January 15 – February 15, 2018:

1. 40 Fully Prepared “Clean-Eating” Meals from Total Nutrition Kitchen {10 per week}

For a month, you’ll be eating these meals with calories listed out and completely “clean” prepped foods + protein shakes — think sweet potatoes, veggies, lean proteins — but delicious and it won’t feel like you’re sacrificing quality for clean eating} — [40 meals total, $550+ value] – you pick them up at 322 Washington Street 2x weekly. Your diet is 70 percent of your results, and Chris and his team will ensure you have all the tools you need daily to achieve your goals. 

2. 2 Personal Training Sessions per week with the Chris Almazan Fitness team

2x per week, you’ll be training 1-on-1 with Chris Almazan and his pro fitness team to get you in the best shape possible. The workouts are unique and designed for you to maximize your intensity in a fun and effective way. You’ll be at the Sky Club Fitness Center for these sessions in downtown Southwest Hoboken — and these will be scheduled according to your schedule!

4. Unlimited Classes for the Month at Sky Club Fitness Center and Spa {125 Marshall Street}

In addition to 2 personal training sessions per week, you’ll get a FULL month of unlimited membership at Sky Club Fitness Center and Spa — to workout and use their weights, treadmills, all their classes, sauna, and, wait for it — POOL — any time of day/night you want {that they’re open}. 

5. A Fully Customized Diet Plan and Workout Plan + Nutrition E-Book

Your will be tailored to your current workout and health goals [and you’ll have weekly check-ins, updates, etc]. E-book is written by master trainer Chris Almazan and includes all of his tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. You will have a guide for your time spent throughout the month away from your trainer so you don’t have to question if you are doing something correctly alone.

6. An “Intro to Macros” Class {Free Entry} 

Chris will be hosting a macros eating class for all members, and if you sign up for the #HobokenFitContest before then, you’ll get a free entry to the class {$100 value} which includes an extra FREE meal from TNK if you attend.  This will help you continue your transformation and fully understand how the macro counting lifestyle works.

7. A Full-Body Transformation in just 30 days*

* must follow diet/exercise plan in entirety or results will not be as profound.

8. The Opportunity to Win $500 CASH for “Biggest Transformation”

[Based on weight, BMI, measurements, and before/after photos] — we will have one male and one female winner!  We want to see you have the best transformation so we’ve incentivized it: our spring winners lost over 20 lbs in a month, while their strength has increased 5x. Some are continuing their plan and have dropped even more weight/gained muscle. You can win up to 500 cash for biggest transformation over 30 days {based on BMI, weight, before/after photos}.

Cost for the month program? $999 for the entire month {$2500+ value a la carte for training + meals — it’s a steeeallll} 

TO SIGN UP: Click here for Eventbrite link to secure your spot!


PLEASE NOTE: 1/2 payment {$500} is made upon purchasing a ticket as sign-up for contest, other half is made February 1st via credit card or check.

BONUS: If you sign up before December 25th, you get 10 EXTRA meals for the month from TNK. If you sign up before January 1, you get 5 EXTRA meals for the month.

A few more Qs answered:

What kind of food will I be eating?

We know what you’re thinking, diets are so not fun and I’m going to be hungry ALL the time. However, we promise that this is not like any other diet you have tried. You’ll be eating yummy wraps {yes, including buffalo chicken AND chicken caesar}, [protein] pancakes, steak and rice, meatballs, and lots of other delicious high protein, clean meals that are fully prepared for you {this means no dreadful thoughts about what to make for dinner}.

Editor’s note: I’ve personally tried 10+ different meals from TNK, and they’re all awesome {including protein shakes, açai bowls, and protein pancakes!}


Here are a few other examples of meals — all pre-made and perfect for that clean-eating lifestyle that will get you the body you want:

total nutrition kitchen hoboken

^Some breakfast options

hoboken fit contest total nutrition kitchen

^Yes, you can eat tacos while doing the fit contest…

^And more meals, all portioned out via macros and calories


Do you have results from former #HobokenFitContest winners?

Yes — the last 3 winners have lost WELL over 15lbs each, plus several inches in body fat in one month. Here’s a short video from the last fit contest winner:

And here are some stats from past winners of the last three contests:

This literally happened in 30 days with just diet and exercise via the contest:

^Leticia was our fall winner, and in 1 month she lost 20 LBS! {See her video below}

Jenny lost 16lbs, 5.4% of her body fat, and 4.5 inches in her waist from Jan 3-Feb 3 last year during the contest last yaer.

Chris dropped a whopping 30lbs in 30 days. Insane!

Cathy lost 16 pounds and 5.5 inches in her waist and thighs in a month.

I’m a vegetarian/gluten-free [insert dietary restriction here].

This is not a problem! Just let Chris know about any allergies, etc beforehand, and TNK will make sure to prep your meals sans allergens.


Challenge accepted. How do I sign up?

Secure your spot on Eventbrite here {please note there are 2 payments of $500 – for a total of $999 for the month [plus taxes and fees]}.

If you have questions, email hobokenfitcontest@gmail.com, and we’ll get you in touch with Chris as well as secure your spot [there are only 20!].


What else should I know about the challenge?

The challenge is open to anyone in the area, but there are only room for 20 guys and gals who are able to travel to Hoboken to participate. You’ll be training with Chris and his team at the Sky Club Fitness Center and Spa {right by the Holland Tunnel in a private gym}, and picking up the meals at TNK in Hoboken {322 Washington Street}.

So what if I’m not trying to lose a ton of weight and just want to tone up?

Regardless of the weight you want to lose or fitness goals you have, this is the perfect way to make it happen. This program will teach you everything you need to know so when the month is over, you’ll be confident enough to continue on your own.

Do I have to be a part of the challenge or can I just sign up for the program and not opt in for prize?

If you would like to just sign up for the program and not publicly post any pictures on Insta, that is totally fine! The #HobokenFitContest is just a fun way to keep track of your progress and work towards your goals.


Why is Hoboken Girl teaming up with Chris + TNK?

Because they kick a**, that’s why. Okay on the real, TNK has delicious food, calorie/macro counts, and is overall a great addition to the Hoboken community.

Chris is not only an awesome guy {with a super cute bulldog named Ham}, but he is truly passionate about fitness. He really knows his stuff when it comes to work out plans and meal prep, and wants the absolute best for all of his clients. His average client weightloss during the challenge is 15 pounds in one month.


More about Chris:

Certified personal trainer and owner of Total Nutrition Kitchen, Chris Almazan has over 10 years of experience as a trainer and was awarded Personal Training Manager of the year by one of New Jersey’s largest gym chains. He now specializes in exact nutrition and workout plans, which started when he began including meal preparation into his client’s diets for extreme results {after his own success as a Men’s Physique bodybuilding competitor}. He took his knowledge to open Deliciously Fit Grill meal preparation in Woodbridge, NJ — and then quickly expanded to local health spot Total Nutrition Kitchen in Hoboken. Each meal at TNK is specifically measured and weighed so you no longer have to guess about your nutrition to get the results you’re looking for. Through the #HobokenFitContest, Chris’s plan will set you up to achieve the physique you’ve been looking for in just one month. His combination of meals and personalized workouts will ensure results when you fully commit to his strategic program. TIME TO GET PUMPED!

More about Sky Club Fitness and Spa:


SkyClub Fitness Center launched its Performance Lab just in time for new years resolutions! Located at 125 Marshall St. in Hoboken, SkyClub now offers personal training in the performance lab turf, sleds, squat racks, and more. This little gem hidden in the sky also offers an array of classes {spin, boxing, barr}  in addition to their gym which overlooks NYC. Their amenities include a pool, steam room, sauna, and roof deck. And yes, you’ll have FULL use of all amenities with the fit contest.

^The pool!

Okay so maybe 2017 didn’t go exactly as planned…but January is going to be your month.

Start off the new year right, make lifestyle changes, and then make it into a habit.



*Sponsored by TNK + Chris Almazan Fitness*





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