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Hoboken Eats: A Hidden Gem in Northwest Hoboken {San Giuseppe’s}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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In Northwest Hoboken, there really isn’t thaaat much there — it’s growing, but it still needs a lot of work {thanks to Trader Joe’s that’s happening sooner rather than later, whew!}. But one place is tried and true there {that you really need to check out} is San Giuseppe Coal-Fired Pizza & Cucina at 14th and Adams. It’s located in a shopping center across from Clearview Cinemas. Not only is this another great BYOB restaurant, but there is FREE PARKING right in front of the restaurant, something unheard of in Hoboken…you’re welcome.


Since I visited the restaurant with my family, I was able to enjoy not only my meal, but of course sample everyone else’s {that’s what family is for, right?}. Within five minutes of being seated, our waiter brought us the restaurant’s homemade focaccia, instead of the usual bread and butter – already a step up from other Italian restaurants. San Giuseppe makes their focaccia with a light and fluffy dough, a perfect balance of olive oil and sea salt and the slightest hint of rosemary. Buonissima! Coming from me, this is saying a lot, as I consider myself somewhat of a focaccia expert. My Genoese grandfather spends his retirement days making a variety of focaccia for everyone he knows, and then some. So, any restaurant that can make something comparable or better than his, definitely deserves praise.

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And you can’t have a proper Italian dinner without the perfect meat and cheese platter. I know this’ll make you salivate:

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We ordered the Caponata as our antipasti. Caponata is a Sicilian eggplant relish served on San Giuseppe’s homemade focaccia bread. It was so delicious, my family and I literally scraped our plates clean {no shame}. The perfectly roasted eggplant, tomatoes and celery were offset with capers, pimento olives and pignoli {pine nuts} and garnished with fresh basil.

Drum rollll, please. Time for the entree! As anyone who knows me, gnocchi is seriously my favorite food. I spent a college semester studying abroad in Rome and searching for the world’s best gnocchi. I’m trying to do that, albeit on a much smaller scale, in Hoboken, and I was certainly not disappointed. For my main course, I ordered the Gnocchi al Pesto with sundried tomatoes and toasted pignoli and I was not disappointed. The pesto was so carefully created that I could smell the fresh basil and olive oil with the perfect amount of garlic infused into the sauce. As for the gnocchi {or potato dumplings for anyone unfamiliar with gnocchi}, they were absolutely “al dente” that the pesto did not overpower the pasta. A subtle amount of sundried tomatoes decorated this dish in the Italian flag colors of red, white and green. It was heavenly!

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In addition to an extensive menu of entrees and pasta dishes, San Giuseppe is best known for their wood stone coal fired oven and with temperatures reaching over 800 degrees. The owner says, “it gives the [pizza]that unique original flavor of years gone by which only a coal fired oven can obtain.” Upon special request, heart shaped pizzas can be made for that special someone {or yourself because #treatyourself}! Additionally, they serve Dolce {Sweet} Pizze, including a Baci pizza with Nutella – but I’m saving that dessert for a later entry!



Oh, and there’s these little chocolate-drizzled puff cuties to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. I’m all for heart shaped food items, but these kinda took my breath away too if ya know what I mean.

Although I went with my family, I have to say that San Giuseppe is definitely a top date spot for anyone looking for a romantic night close to home. The restaurant is decorated like a Tuscan countryside, adorned with renaissance candles and replica da Vinci paintings, including the Mona Lisa, that you almost forget you are in Hoboken – it’s truly a gem!



Ci vediamo. Mangia bene, Hoboken!

Val is a Hoboken resident who grew up half Italian, lived abroad in Rome, and watched her grandmother make everything from minestrone to lasagna…which in turn put her on a journey to find the best pizza, gnocchi and Italian desserts in Hoboken. Give her a glass of Chianti and some Nutella and she is one happy girl!

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