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Hoboken Dogs Channeling Their Inner Frank Sinatra

by Will
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Is there anything more Hoboken then Frank Sinatra? Today we celebrate the birthday of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” — and in his honor, Hoboken dogs channeled their inner Sinatra by donning fedoras & posing for our cameras, Frank Sinatra-style. You’re welcome.


^HG Mascot Pierre says “That’s life!”

Born Francis Albert Sinatra on December 12, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank was an only child to Italian immigrants Natalie Catherine Garavente and Saverio Antonino Martino Sinatra.


^Bishop the Mastiff says “I think of you night and day.”

Frank Sinatra loved dogs. Though as a child his mother would never let him have one but he made up for that later in life by having many. His favorite breed? King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, according to Sinatra.com.


^Prince the Siberian Husky doing Ol’ Blue Eyes proud!

Throughout his life, Sinatra performed on more than 1,400 recordings in a 6-decade career, appeared in more than 60 films, and produced 8 movies.


^Cooper the Goldendoodle says “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

Sinatra worked as a delivery boy at the Jersey Observer newspaper and later as a riveter at the docks of the Hoboken shipyard.


^Labs Ryder and Lexi getting their “New York, New York” on!

From 1998 to the present day ‘Theme from New York, New York’ is played every New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and the New York Yankees play the iconic song at every home game.


^Frank the Newfoundland says Hoboken is “My Kind of Town”!

 Though it was the music that made him a star, Sinatra was famous for two other things to those who knew him: his fierce loyalty to and love for his family. And no matter what fame and fortune were bestowed on him, those two things came from him true and steady. {Sounds just like our four-legged furry friends.}

Happy Birthday, Frank!

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