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A Visit to CityMD in Hoboken — Walk-In Urgent Care Doctors

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We’ve all had that moment when we’ve woken up feeling absolutely awful, not able to go to work — and needing a little more TLC than just “sleeping it off” or chicken soup and tea. But what happens when you’re feeling really awful and your GP is booked through next month OR it’s a Saturday and after hours? Lucky for Hoboken and NYC residents, CityMD Urgent Care, located at 231 Washington Street in Hoboken {and in locations around NYC} is available for urgent care and walk-in appointments including weekends and evenings. Here’s a bit more about this downtown urgent care spot {including a recent account by our editor, Jen}.

What is Urgent Care?

An urgent care practice can supplement the services your primary doctor can provide {from extended office hours and short wait times to a more comprehensive suite of services available on-site —such as an EKG, IV, x-rays, etc.}. While your primary doctor cares for multiple chronic medical issues, CityMD treats patients for acute, urgent matters. Also, for the cases where your primary physician would have to send you to an ER for a non-life-threatening condition, urgent care can eliminate much of the waiting and expense.

Recently, our Editor-in-Chief, Jen, visited CityMD for a sinus infection situation in real-time/life, and here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“I woke up on a Saturday morning barely able to lift my head up because I was so stuffy and clogged. I get sinus infections pretty regularly, so I knew it wasn’t anything to be alarmed about, but it was day three of feeling crappy and getting worse, so I wanted to do something about it. Since I knew that my family doctor’s office was closed on weekends, I did a quick google search for local urgent care in Hoboken. CityMD came up as one of the top-rated spots, and I quickly called to check and see the situation. They answered and told me to come on by as it was walk-ins only, and that at the time I called, there’d only be two people in front of me. I headed over to 231 Washington Street and checked in — and yes, only three people when I got there {someone must have snuck in between my Uber ride over, ha!}.

The office was clean {auto-squirt hand sanitizers and tissues everywhere}, and I was greeted by a receptionist who asked me to check-in at the kiosk {literally an electronic check-in spot so NO MORE PAPERWORK TO FILL OUT… life changing}.

The machine scanned my insurance ID card and license, gathered all of the info electronically, and then I was prompted with a few digital questions about my pharmacy location preference in case of the need to get an Rx. Done and done. I sat for a good 5-10 minutes after that, and the nurse came to fetch me, and then saw the doctor promptly after that. I loved the doctor’s bedside manner: both very caring but also straightforward, offering solution-focused advice which helped but didn’t overextend me into antibiotic land {she told me about two great over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays, as well as back-up antibiotics that I was to take only in the case that I wasn’t feeling better in 3-5 days}. Lucky for me some R&R and nasal sprays hit the spot, but I literally think the whole process including CVS pharmacy took about 1.5 hours, which is not very common on a busy Saturday in Hoboken.

Follow-up: I felt better within a day or two, and since I didn’t have a co-pay, received a bill from my insurance for the balance {since my deductible for the year wasn’t met completely}, but it was $150 so not bad for a quick visit on a Saturday that took less than an hour — and wayyy less expensive/time-consuming than an emergency visit which would definitely have taken half the day. I’d def recommend CityMD for any acute ailments you want handled, STAT — especially on off hours.”

Besides Hoboken Girl Editor sinus infections, here are some things that CityMD treats on the reg:

Injuries + Illnesses

Injuries: Sprains + strains, cuts, scrapes, wounds + lacerations, back pain, minor fractures, dislocations, minor burns, insect bites, rashes, tick bites, allergic reactions, and abscesses.

Illnesses: Cough, cold + flu, sinus infection, sore throat, strep throat, fever, skin infections, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach flu, allergies, seasonal allergies, allergic reactions, asthma care, dehydration requiring IV hydration, congestion + upper respiratory infections, migraines + headaches, bronchitis, wheezing + asthma attacks, ear infections, earaches + ear wax removal, corneal abrasions, nose bleeds, pink eye, and urinary tract infections.

Physical Exams

Pre-employment physicals, return to work physicals, sports physicals, student physicals, annual physical exams, DOT physicals {selected sites, please call ahead to schedule}.


Vaccinations: Seasonal flu shots, travel Vaccinations, Tetanus, PPD, cccupational health vaccines, vaccine titers.


Each location offers digital x-rays and can burn x-ray images to a CD for your follow-up visits to specialists.

Pediatric Care

For our Hoboken mamas and papas, CityMD specializes in pediatric emergency care for non-threatening illnesses, and doctors are available seven days a week.

Rapid Lab Tests + Screenings

Did the doctor order tests? Many tests and screenings are processed on-site for faster results, and CityMD clinicians will often discuss your test results with you in the same visit. They can also forward results to your primary care doctor if you want.

On-Site Medical Lab Tests: STD + HIV Testing, blood draws, rapid HIV {results in 15 minutes}, rapid Influenza A+B Testing {results in 15 minutes}, rapid mononucleosis screening {results in 15 minutes}, rapid strep {results in 5 minute}, INR tests, urine pregnancy test, urinalysis, and EKG.

Women’s Needs

Treated Women’s issues: UTI testing, other urinary complaints, vaginal complaints {i.e. bleeding, discharge, itchiness, dryness}, abdominal/pelvic pain or cramping, abnormal menstruation, STD + HIV testing, testing for pregnancy, hemorrhoids + abscess, IV fluids for dehydration, morning sickness, menopausal symptoms, referrals for ultrasound, referrals to board-certified OB/GYN and reproductive health specialists.

Other services

Extended Services for rapid return to work: Onsite x-ray capabilities, x-rays read by radiologists, three-day follow-up care, light duty programs when available, episodic case management, responsibly vetted specialty affiliations, structured communication of information, and standardized forms.


CityMD also has an aftercare team of doctors and clinical assistants that help facilitate your next steps on your path back to health {by assisting in the coordination of referrals, pre-approvals and other follow-up appointments}. They’ll also assist in helping you find the best specialist for follow-up care who accepts your insurance. When necessary, they can help you schedule advanced imaging studies {CT/MRI/MRA/US, and more}.

Important information to know about your visit:


To get your specific copay information, CityMD would need to see your insurance card and verify the insurance carrier. It’s easiest if you call the member’s services number on the back of your insurance card to ask about coverage and co-payment fees for urgent care visits.


CityMD accepts commercial, medicaid managed care, medicare advantage and exchange plans. If you don’t have your insurance card, but you do have a photo ID and your Member ID number, or can get it from your insurance provider, they’ll accept it as well {you just have to give a copy of your insurance card later}. For out-of-pocket, it’s $300 for a visit. They accept cash and credit cards.


According to CityMD, all doctors are board certified and most have their certifications in emergency medicine or family medicine. Alongside the doctors are physician assistants who are also highly trained and qualified to handle urgent care issues and treatment.

All in all, such an easy way to see the doc and handle that nagging cough/cold/foot fungus/pink eye/non-life-threatening situation that is totally keeping you from work and/or life activities.

Have you been to CityMD? What did you think?

Disclaimer: OF COURSE you should visit the emergency room for life and limb-threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, shortness of breath, passing out, and severely broken bones. Although CityMD offices are staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians, life-threatening emergencies may require hospitalization and the kind of advanced care only available at a hospital {in Hoboken’s case, CarePoint Health}. Please call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing an emergency. Hoboken Girl is not a medical service and does not take responsibility for any medical issues that arise pre- or post-visit to CityMD or any other medical facility.

This post is sponsored, but our editor did literally go to CityMD before we even touched base with CityMD and had an awesome experience. 

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