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Daybase’s Hoboken Location Announces Closure — What We Know

by Hoboken Girl Team
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The Hoboken co-working space Daybase, which quickly became a go-to among locals working from home in the area, has announced its abrupt closure as of Friday, December 9th. Located at 1450 Washington Street in Hoboken, Daybase had opened with much excitement from the local community. Its other outposts remain open. 

On Monday, December 5th at 10:20AM, Daybase sent out a text alert to its clients, sharing that it would be closed temporarily for flooding issues. “Daybase Hoboken will be closed today due to flooding. We will notify members when we are able to reopen and apologize for the inconvenience.”

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Later that day, at 5:18PM, a second text was sent, saying “Daybase Hoboken will remain closed tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update members as soon as possible.”

Residents in the area reported CRDN, a company dealing with restoration following disasters, was there on-site.

Then, on Tuesday at 7:46PM, an email went out, stating that Daybase was closing for good as of Friday, December 9th.


“While we are disappointed that we will not be able to serve our members here, we are grateful for your having been a part of the earliest stage of this journey with us.”

We reached out to the team at Daybase and have yet to hear back for comment, but they did confirm that other locations of Daybase are still open. It will be refunding memberships and any outstanding unredeemed credit purchases within 2-3 business days, as stated in its latest email to members.

In 2020, the pandemic created a new set of challenges as we all struggled to balance the blurring lines of professional and personal space. However, the pandemic also created an opportunity. In forcing us out of the office, it also upended habits and reset expectations. Some saw they could actually be more productive. 

According to Daybase, 55% of workers in the United States want to work remotely at least 3 days a week, 74% of U.S. companies are switching to hybrid work models, and 83% of workers prefer hybrid work options nationwide. The Daybase team saw this shift away from traditional working routines and made the most of it.

Daybase was intentionally designed for hybrid and remote workers — with flexible coworking spaces so you could spend more time finding your peak productivity and less time on the train. After opening its Hoboken location, it also opened a Harrison, NY location.

Workstations were available for as little as 2 credits/hour. Focus rooms were 10 credits/hour and meeting rooms 20 credits/hour. Amenities include on-site concierge, enterprise-grade WiFi, complimentary coffee & tea, and unlimited office supplies.

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“We want to help people get the most out of their workday, live where they want to live, and unlock the full potential of a new normal,” Daybase manager Tiara Cavallo told Hoboken Girl at the time of the Hoboken space opening. “Whether you’re at home, on the road, or meeting up with remote co-workers – your experience should be consistent. We’re designing simple, comfortable, and easy-to-navigate spaces near where you want to live, not where you have to work.”

This is a developing story — we will update as we receive more information. Follow @thehobokengirl on social for more breaking news.

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