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This Gothic-Inspired Hoboken Apartment is a Halloween-Lover’s Dream

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When born-and-raised Paterson resident Susan O’Connell moved to Hoboken over 30 years ago, she purchased her condo in uptown Hoboken knowing she’d do some serious work to make it her own. Hoboken condos come in all shapes and sizes — with the majority of them having a pretty straightforward design, so when a unique interior catches our eye, it’s important to share the fun with our audience. This gothic-inspired Hoboken apartment at 11th and Park is truly a Halloween-lover’s dream, and regardless of the time of year, hopefully invites a little inspiration into making your space your own.

We were tipped off about Susan’s uptown apartment by a reader who reached out to share with The Hoboken Girl her experience there, which was attending a pumpkin carving party inside with some of Susan’s friends. The apartment normally is quite unique, with a gothic twist, despite being taken to the next level around Halloween — which Susan, 76, is a big fan of.

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The 1110 Park Avenue spot is a 2-bedroom railroad, which has been meticulously designed to showcase Susan’s unique style and design choices.

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A realtor at Coldwell Banker in Hoboken, Susan self-describes the apartment as “quirky with a little bit of goth and a little bit of glamour,” when we visited.

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A standout attribute — all of the walls have been etched in dried flowers, which, Susan describes, was done by a young artist when she had purchased the place. “She adorned all the walls with flowers,” she shared, “my favorite part is the bathroom — I took out the shower and now have a spa day every day. It’s unconventional, comfortable, and spa-like.”



^ Candles and dramatic lighting are present throughout the space, and Susan shared that she’s cherry-picked items throughout her tenure here that complement the vibe.

^ Image of a large chest from a local synagogue, purchased from former antique shop, The Frayed Knot, in Hoboken.

“I really don’t add a lot during the Halloween season, it’s just little touches here and there,” she shared. “I just collect things I enjoy.” She also shared an antique opium pillow and pipe that are keepsakes, as well as some masks from various shows she’s attended at the McKittrick Hotel. 

^A skeleton lit up sits atop her bed, with a wardrobe nearby.

As a longtime resident, Susan is quite active in the community. “I love finding new, unique events in the area.” One in particular she loves lately is a barber shop comedy night on Saturdays at D&V Barbershop in Hoboken. She’s also an avid F45 North member, working out several days per week.

A few more photos of the fun at her apartment, which truly every inch could be a fun work of art here:

“I never tired of my home — it’s my favorite possession.”

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Interested in having your apartment showcased? Email [email protected] for more details!

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