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All About Heights Orthodontics: Creating Beautiful Smiles in Jersey City

by Morgan Gertler
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Most of us aren’t born with the perfect smile. Even celebrities on the red carpet have to put work into attaining perfectly straight + balanced teeth. If you missed out on having braces as a kid, you’re not alone — many adults have dedicated themselves to the path of a better smile. Heights Orthodontics {located at 343 Central Avenue in Jersey City} has the goal of giving patients the perfect smile. Working with children + adults, the team at Heights Orthodontics knows just how to find the right plan for your individual smile needs. Patients can expect the highest quality orthodontic treatment, affordable + transparent pricing, great customer service, all the latest technology, and a welcoming and fun environment {hold on while we schedule our appointment, please}. Plus, they are currently offering $1000 off a full treatment as part of their grand opening special and will be providing our readers with an additional 10% off a full treatment. 

Make an appointment and learn more about this exclusive deal by calling 201-975-4300 or email them at info@heightsortho.com

About Heights Orthodontics

Heights Orthodontics “was created with the goal of bringing beautiful smiles to as many people in the community as possible.” The team at Heights Orthodontics explains, “We know that there are patients who can’t afford the high out of pocket fees or don’t have the right insurance can find it difficult to receive the quality care they need + deserve. So we are doing our best to change this narrative and create a different type of dental office that better serves the community’s needs.”  Heights Ortho is also an Invisalign Platinum provider, which means that they have a ton of experience treating child, teen, and adult cases.


Heights Ortho knows that closing a pesky gap, fixing a few crooked teeth, and attaining the proper bite for your teeth and gums can build confidence and self-esteem for patients. They’ve created flexible treatment options to make it easier than ever for patients to find their perfect smile. “Setting the standard for creating beautiful, affordable smiles,” is the goal for the team at Heights Ortho.

Heights Orthodontics three different options for orthodontic services:

  • Braces: Show your personality with some colors or opt for clear braces for a low profile look. 
  • Invisalign: This is a great option for patients of all ages, as it allows you to fix crooked teeth without anyone noticing.
  • Retainers: Whether you lost your retainer or broke it, {we’ve all got them, just admit it} Heights Ortho can help fit you for a new one. 

About The Owner, Dr. Ryan Trulby

Dr. Ryan Trulby is experienced in treating patients of all ages, including complex teen + adult Invisalign cases, traditional braces for teens, adults + children, and early treatment for children. Dr. Trulby graduated from Rutgers University and then completed his dental + orthodontics training at Columbia University just across the river, where he was chief resident and received awards for graduating at the top of his class. 

Dr. Trulby has a special relationship with Hudson County and actually has some fond childhood memories from spending time here. “Though I grew up in Bergen County, both my parents were born and raised in Hudson County and I have always felt at home here. Visiting family in Union City and North Bergen or munching on a cubano and moros with my dad after getting my braces tightened are among my favorite memories. This area is like no place else: an amazing amount of diversity, tight-knit communities, and, of course, the most delicious food (my favorite). I can speak for the entire team at Heights Ortho when I saw we are beyond excited to serve the Jersey City community and beyond. Together we can make beautiful things happen.”

Transparency for Patients 

Figuring out the pricing for any medical treatment can make your head spin, which is why Heights Orthodontics has decided to be extremely transparent with their fees. The team wants their patients to fully understand all the recommendations and how they are priced. “Getting to know our patients and their families while seeing the immensely positive change orthodontic treatment contributes to their confidence and dental health makes this profession so special,” Dr. Trulby told us.

Heights Ortho offers free consultations {which includes photos, x-rays, + an intra oral scan with a visualization of how the teeth will look after they are straightened} and they are currently offering $1000 off a full treatment as part of their grand opening special. But there’s more — {feeling a bit like Oprah, tbh} — Heights Ortho is offering our readers an additional 10% off a full treatment. 

Contact Heights Orthodontics

You can visit Heights Orthodontics at 343 Central Ave in Jersey City. Book your appointment by calling 201-975-4300 or email them at info@heightsortho.com. They are open Monday from 9:00AM-7:00PM, Wednesday 1:00PM-8:00PM, and every other Saturday from 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Make sure to tell them Hoboken Girl sent you to receive an extra 10% off your full treatment!

This post is sponsored by Heights Orthodontics.

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