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There’s a Gucci Outlet in Secaucus {+ Now We’re Broke}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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You know we love to shop locally, but this one we had to share. The Hudson County OGs know this, but let this serve as a reminder — and if you’re new to the area, we’re about to drop some knowledge: There’s a Gucci outlet in Secaucus [located at 50 Hartz Way]. Here’s a little more about it {since we recently did a drive by and wanted to share the details since it’s clutch  [no pun intended] to have in your back pocket as far as shopping in the area goes}.

Secaucus is actually known to have some gems {hello old Rent The Runway warehouse #missyou}, but really, you could almost miss Gucci if you didn’t know where the outlet was specifically…but when you walk in, you’re definitely in Gucci land…aaand there’s a parking lot. Bonus points already. Editor’s note: My mom/friends have known about this spot for years and didn’t tell me. #RUDE {but also, thank you💸}.

When you walk in, most sections are color coordinated, and the selection is decent — with Guccisima styles and the horsebit reigning surpreme. So with that being said, it definitely feels like some of the wallets and purses are a bit dated, but it covers the Gucci line basics for sure. If you’re looking for the newest style Gucci duds, you may not be *thrilled* at the selection, but it’s pretty legit considering that most of the items are nearly 25-40% off original prices. 

Hello Hydration Sidebar

The shoe selection was actually nothing to scoff at — they had a pretty wide selection from platforms to wedges to slippers to sneaks, sandals, and boots. Men’s shoes were also laid out in the same room, with a relatively robust amount of options to peruse.

Zap Fitness

^The floral + snakeskin slides tho.

Clothing prices were pretty normal for a Gucci situation, with that tank top front & center being $650 {not exactly affordable, but cheaper than full priced items at the retail stores if you’re into Gucci clothing}.

Here’s a bit more of the different handbags + wallets spotted. Prices ranged from $250/300-600 for wallets, and up from there for purses. They also had scarves, sunglasses, and belts — really anything you could need as far as Gucci duds go, it’s there.

They had a wide selection of the bags — including luggage. Perfect for gifting!

^Men’s messenger bags

^The current boot selection

^Almost snagged this little guy, but had to hold back…

All in all it’s good to know it’s around the corner should one get a hankering for a new GG bag. You’re not going to find the newest styles buuut there’s a decent amount of stuff, and you definitely have to go in with a purpose {orrr you may end up with a few bags/wallets/scarves you don’t need, just sayin’}. The sales people were attentive enough {although online reviews beg to differ}.

There are also a few other Secaucus outlets to check out {26 stores including Escada, Kenneth Cole, Juicy Couture [#tbt], and others}, should you find yourself *casually* driving by Gucci and the rest.

And, if you want to shop local, you can find other designer duds at Midtown Authentic on 1st Street in Hoboken — including Gucci, Chanel, LV, the works. Wherever you decide to go, happy shopping!

Did you know about the Gucci outlet? Have you been? 


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