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Girls Day {In Jersey City}: Barre, Brunch and Beautifying

by Christine Finelli
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Have a girlfriend coming to visit and don’t know what to do with her? Need to catch up with an old friend? Planning a girl’s day out in downtown Jersey City is the perfect solution —  second to Hoboken of course. We’re thinking the female equivalent of GTL…BBB. Barre, brunch, and beautifying.

1. Barre in JC

With warm weather fast approaching {and making sporadic appearances lately} it may be time to start working on that beach bod you’ve been dreaming of all winter {ummm… MDW is in less than two months, FYI}. Plan to start your morning with a Barre class. Barre is a majorly trending workout and you can find a studio {be it a chain or boutique} almost anywhere. There are two spots in downtown Jersey City to choose from: JC Barre & The Sports Barre. While signature Barre classes remain at their core, these studios also offer classes that sculpt and burn every muscle in your body while adding that much needed {or dreaded} cardio element that gets your heart pumping.

Option A: JC Barre — located downtown at 419 Monmouth Street


Classes start at $20, and the studio offers class packs and monthly deals — not to mention first time student specials you can’t beat {$50 for an unlimited month for new students sound}. The studio’s signature class is “B3” — combining pilates, ballet, and yoga to create a full-body workout that will tone and tighten your entire body. “Hipfit” is another popular one — a cardio dance class that leaves you feeling sexy and really {really} sweaty. Our favorite is the “Plyojam,” an LA based edgy dance fitness class that’s similar to an “Insanity” {Shawn T!} workout, but still adds a little fun and late night DP {dance party} — plyometric-inspired movement and jump training. No matter which class you choose, you and your girls will be toned and sweaty {right in time for brunch!}. For more details check out their website here.

Option B: The Sports Barre — 162 Newark Avenue


Classes at this sassy studio start at $22 but the more you buy, the cheaper they get {and the more addicted you get}. “Sports Barre” is their signature circuit training class that rotates strength cardio and high intensity interval training {HIIT}. Another class that keeps Barre at the core would be “Barre Naked” which is designed to promote long, lean muscles this class combines isolated movements with isometric resistance, muscular endurance and flexibility exercises. Want high energy? The Sports Barre offers the coveted trampoline workout! This low impact workout firms and tones your entire body as you increase energy, circulation, and vitality. Other classes include “Dance You’re A$$ Off” and “Step it Up”.
For more details check out their website here.

After your workout {or butt kicking session} you’re going to be rapidly approaching your hAngry point, aka time for some brunch. Stroll down Newark Avenue, then onto Grove Street and eventually you’ll reach Marco & Pepe or Beachwood Café, two quaint restaurants {with outdoor seating!}.

2. Brunch {in JC}

Option A: Marco & Pepe — 289 Grove Street

marco and pepe jersey city brunch


Designed to bring the vibe of a European café to JC, you’ll be greeted and served by a laid-back, polite staff in plaid shirts. This Zagat-rated “hip place for brunch” will leave you impressed — and full-bellied. Although the menu offers some awesome brunch cocktails, maybe you should save the cocktail for next time as to not completely erase your Barre workout {…or should you reward yourself with a Bellini?} Internal drink struggle aside, the menu boasts some great options. Feeling something sweet? Definitely go for the French {croissant} toast. YES, croissant toast. If its eggs you’re after, chose from one of their savory omelets or eggs-in-toast. For the lunch-lovers, indulge in a juicy burger or artisan sandwich like their Lobster roll or fancy take on a BLT.

marco and pepe city hall jersey city hoboken girl


The best part is that from the outdoors, you have a beautiful view of the Jersey City city hall. Check out their website and menus here.

Option B: Beachwood Café — 290 Grove Street



This cozy café with rustic chic wooden tables filling the center of the main room presents an extensive breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. This place has every carb you could ever crave for breakfast: different takes on pancakes, French toast, and waffles. Eggs you say? Choose from their California, Chelsea, or Firenze omelets — or go for eggs benedict {signature, tofu, or smoked salmon}.

FullSizeRender (2)


Sandwich options range from a ham and cheese croissant to a Scottish-Lox sandwich and if you’re feeling crazy, go for one of their brunch plates. I don’t know about you, but chicken and waffles is always a winner. Still debating those brunch cocktails? Decision made. Beachwood does not serve alcohol BUT they do serve amazing coffee, lattes, frappacinos etc. If one cappuccino wasn’t enough during your meal, grab a coffee to go {and maybe a pastry} on your way out from their market section! Check out their website and menus here.

3. Nails {in JC}

Now that you have a full belly {and sore everything} why not finish off the afternoon with a little pampering? Since you’re already on Grove St, pop into J Nail and Spa for a manicure and/or pedicure.



This upscale nail salon is relatively new to this side of Grove Street {sadly they lost their original location to a fire a while back}. The owner {Tina} will greet you with a smile every time, and as you become a regular she’ll greet you by name – a nice touch. Having undergone extensive renovations this unique place is broken up into sections: the front desk/waiting area, the massage-chair-lined pedicure wall and the manicure room {all extremely well maintained and clean}. The layout enables your beautifying routine to flow as you start with your pedi and work your way into the next room for your mani! With a wall full of polishes, give yourself some extra time to make that HUGE decision, “what color?” Want more? The beauty menu doesn’t stop at just nails, there are several wax and skin treatments as well. Pricing is pretty standard for these parts with manicures around $12 and pedicures starting at $25. Gel manicures are a bit pricier, at around $33. Whatever you chose will be worth it, as all of the techs do a beautiful job!

So there you have it. A nice little girls’ day in JC. What is your favorite spot for BBB? Happy Saturday!

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