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Girl On The Glow: A Natural Mobile Tanning Service in Hudson County

by Alexis Spoden
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As temperatures dip, and daylight savings shortens our precious hours of sunlight, any ounce of our summer tan left is the next thing to fade away. Luckily for Hudson County residents, there are plenty of ways to maintain golden, glowing skin year-round. Girl On The Glow is a vegan and natural mobile airbrush tanning service that comes directly to customers’ homes, so clients can stay tan without even having to leave the comfort of their home and face the outdoors during cooler months. Read on to learn more about this convenient and necessary beauty service, Girl On The Glow, a natural {and vegan} mobile airbrush tanning service in Hudson County.  

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The Background

Emily Jones, owner and founder of Girl On The Glow {otherwise known as GOTG}, lived in Australia for three years and during her time there, she began to understand the importance of protecting the skin from damaging sun rays. She was fascinated by how many Australians would get spray tans despite the country’s abundance of sunlight. “I was shocked how much the Aussies use SPF due to their lack of ozone layer and high risk to skin cancer,” she explained. She was also suddenly aware of some sun damage on her own skin and became very intrigued by the idea of spray tanning. It is healthy, looks great, and there’s no risk of sun damage. 

After her time abroad, Emily moved to Hoboken and started a corporate job in NYC. Between trying to over-perform at work, maintaining a social life, trying to get to the gym, and staying healthy and sane, there was no time left for personal care. She found herself turning to spray tans often, but with such a lack of time, she often sacrificed something else such as the gym, grocery store, dinner with friends, or a night at home.

And just like that, Girl On The Glow was born. Emily quit her corporate job to pursue her passion in the beauty and wellness industry. “Our goal is to give you a life that glows. Travel as far and as much as you want, celebrate people, celebrate yourself, sit on the beach, spray tan, use an SPF. Look good, feel good, do good,” Emily shares.

The Service + Pricing

GOTG’s spray tan solution is certified vegan by the PETA Foundation, is free of parabens, erythrulose + fragrance, and is made with only naturally derived ingredients. Emily and her team service New York City, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Jersey City, and any close surrounding Hudson County areas. “However, for groups of five or more, we will travel the distance. We love a good tan party!” Emily tells Hoboken Girl.

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Clients have two different options when choosing a spray tan. They can choose the regular tan which is $69, takes about eight to 12 hours to set {it is intended to be slept in}, and lasts about seven to 12 days. Customers who are in a rush can choose the rapid tan which is $79 and sets in three hours, allowing clients to get dressed immediately and get on with their days. The rapid tan will typically last five to seven days. 

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Customers can also choose to get a CBD add-on for an extra $25 that is mixed into the tanning solution, offering relief for red + inflamed skin, back acne, or just for some added relaxation. 

The Products + Pricing

girl on the glow products

GOTG also offers several products that can be purchased online or during an appointment. The Sunless Soap body wash will leave skin feeling clean, moisturized, and radiant without stripping the skin of its natural components, helping to prolong the tan.

The Keep It Glowin’ lotion is a tan extending lotion that contains a small amount of the tanning ingredient, DHA, that will help maintain and build upon the tan and even out skin tone. Customers can buy one of these for $25 or both for $45. 

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The Experience + Details

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Clients will receive an email the day before their scheduled spray tan, reminding them about their appointment and providing advice on how to prepare for their tan. For example, customers should exfoliate at least six hours prior to their appointment, focusing heavily on extra dry areas such as the knees, elbows, and feet. Manicures or pedicures should be done before a spray, not after, so make sure to plan accordingly. On the day of the appointment, customers should make sure to avoid any lotions or makeup that may act as a barrier for the tan. Lastly, clients should remember that they cannot shower, sweat, or get wet for at least 12 hours after the tan application unless it is the rapid solution {thank goodness for dry shampoo}. 

When a “Glowtender”{as they call themselves} arrives on the day of the appointment, they will evaluate the client’s skin type and work to understand what level of darkness the customer is looking to achieve. The Glowtender will provide a shower cap to protect the hair and a set of disposable underwear for the client to wear so they don’t ruin their own.

For any customer worried about staining any part of their apartment or home, do not fret. The tanning process takes place in a very large tent-like hut. The Glowtender will proceed to spray the client’s entire body starting from the back, the sides, and front, making sure to get every crease and crevice. They will continue until the desired color is achieved, and the result is a beautiful, even, natural-looking tan.  

After the appointment, customers should wear dark, loose-fitting clothes during the tan set time. The Glowtender will send a follow-up email with post tan care recommendations. Some of these include staying dry and waiting to shower until after the set time. The first shower is just a rinse, no soap should be used until the second shower. To ensure the tan lasts to its fullest potential, clients should avoid exfoliating products or activities such as shaving, loofahs in the shower, acne washes or creams, and retinol.


Customers can book appointments online at www.girlontheglowco.com, which provides more information on their products and services. Clients can also follow GOTG on Instagram @girlontheglowco for 20% off their first spray tan service or when they use code FIRSTGLOW at booking. 

Have you tried GOTG yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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