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Flawless Beauty: An On-Demand Spa Service in Hudson County

by Danielle Lynch
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Convenience is of the utmost importance, especially for the busy residents of Hudson County. When you are swamped with work but still want to look good or feel refreshed, there’s nothing better than having a mobile spa that comes right to your home. Meet Samantha Lopez, traveling waxer, lash tech, blowout queen, and owner of Flawless Beauty Mobile Spa, LLC. Read on to learn more Flawless Beauty Mobile Spa, an on-demand spa in Hudson County. 

flawless beauty samantha lopez

About Samantha 

Samantha Lopez was a waxer at Pretty Kitty in Hoboken and Montclair, and having a true talent for this art, decided to make a career out of it. Upon Pretty Kitty’s closing, she wanted to still maintain her clients and continue to provide waxing services to them. She decided to start offering mobile services specializing in waxing, lashes, and blowouts about three years ago.

What to Expect From Flawless Beauty

Flawless Beauty Mobile Spa offers a select menu of beauty services ranging from full-body waxing to lashes to blowouts. She is able to travel from place to place while providing such services in the comfort of someone’s own home. {She also has a room in her house available for clients who are unable to have her come to their location.} Clients of Samantha {both men + women} are so grateful for the ease in which they can have all of their beauty needs met and welcome her into their homes with open arms. 

A typical appointment requires minimal setup and space. All she needs is a place to put her table and an outlet to plug in her wax heating machine. She brings everything else that she needs with her. Samantha is immaculate, both in her services as well as her clean up. Brazilian waxes are finished in under 20 minutes and Samantha is proud to say that she is a speed waxer — careful but quick {much appreciated}.

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The Waxing Process

flawless beauty wax

Samantha begins by applying a grape seed oil to begin. Then, she uses a soft cream-based {zinc oxide} wax on her clients. She has different waxes for different types of skin. Her “go-to” is a pearly pink one that leaves skin soft and clean. She also offers a lemon balm or purple lavender wax as well as one that is formulated for sensitive + acne-prone skin.

“My clients absolutely love the sensitive skin wax. Ingrown hairs and pimples from waxing are prevented,” she told us. Finally, she finishes off the wax with a tea tree oil to prevent ingrown hairs. 

Beyond Waxing 

flawless beauty mobile spa

The wonderful thing about Flawless Beauty Mobile Spa is that Samantha will travel right to a client’s location. Whether someone needs a blowout, lashes, or a wax, they can always book an appointment. While her travel radius is around 40-45 minutes from West New York, Samantha makes exceptions and even has clients in Central Jersey. Depending on the service, a wax could run about 20 minutes, new lashes around two hours, and a blowout around one hour. While she is quick, her work is always thoughtful, careful, and well done. 

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Before You Book 

Just a few things to keep in mind before using Samantha, especially for wax. If you are taking an oral or topical retinoid, be sure to let her know first. Some of these medications could impact your waxing experience. Try to avoid caffeine before a wax; it will help keep you calm and relaxed. Also, many people take a pain reliever like ibuprofen an hour before a wax session. This can help reduce inflammation and recovery time.

Scheduling an appointment with Samantha is simple, just follow her on social media at @FlawlessBeautyMobileSpa on IG and Facebook. Clients can send her a DM to book. She also posts promotions and business hours. Her schedule is flexible and offers late hours throughout the week:

Monday: 9:00AM-7:00PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, + Friday: 9:00AM-8:00PM

Thursday: 9:00AM-9:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM-4:00PM

Sunday: Closed

Samantha accepts Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay, PayPal, + cash at the conclusion of an appointment. She has also built a loyalty program where clients will receive 20% off of their first wax and from then on will receive a discount every 5th and 10th appointment. Referrals can also score clients a $5 discount, as do birthday celebrations, which Samantha will provide a free lip, underarm, or brow wax. 

This traveling spa is such a convenient way to get in all of your beauty needs. Samantha is precise, professional, and talented in her areas of expertise. We love the ease of getting a wax in the comfort of our own homes and hope this opens up a door for you to also experience the same thing. 

Have you tried Samantha’s services yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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