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Hoboken’s Uptown Farmers’ Market Returns Today — At a New Location

by Arielle Witter
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As we all adjust to what is the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot that we’re getting used to. The activities and things that typically marked the height of spring and beginning of summer in Hoboken and Jersey City have either been adjusted to accommodate the times or have been put on pause entirely. One such activity that many of us locals love, and we mean love, is visiting a local farmers’ market — and we’ve got some exciting news to share. The Garden Street Farmers’ Market, which had previously announced that it would be closing for the 2020 season to much outcry, has announced it will be returning this year, just at a new location and with some social distancing changes, and has opened today.

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Coming Back to Town

^ A previous screenshot from the website.

Earlier this month, in a no-nonsense manner, the Hoboken’s Garden Street Farmers’ Market had previously announced via its website that it will not be returning for the 2020 season.

The homepage of the website read, “Closed For 2020 Season” and nothing else — message received loud and clear. The Hoboken Girl team has reached out but did not receive comment from the market owners as of at the time.

However, in a {very exciting} turn of events, the Garden Street Farmers’ Market will be returning this year, just at a different location, and has officially opened today.

In a press release issued by the City of Hoboken, the uptown market {as it will be called the Uptown Farmers’ Market} “will operate on Saturdays under the 14th Street Viaduct starting May 30th.”

“The uptown market is a temporary relocation of the ‘Garden Street Farmers Market,’ normally hosted by Bijou Properties, which was unable to use its location in 2020 given limited social distancing options at the previous location,” the press release continued.

Of course, the farmers’ market will take the necessary precautions to abide by social distancing guidelines, including:

– All staff, vendors, and customers will be required to wear gloves and masks.

– Customers will have to shop in one direction {one entry and exit point}.

– All staff, vendors, and customers will have to social distance at least six feet at all times.

“Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is an important part of staying healthy during COVID-19. Now, more than ever, making sure Hoboken has more options like farmers’ markets for shopping outdoors is critical to our community’s health and well being,” Mayor Bhalla said.

The market will run on Saturdays from 9:00AM-2:00PM under the 14th Street viaduct between Grand and Adams Streets starting on May 30th. Vendors this year will include Stony Hill Farms, Hoboken Farms, Paolo’s Kitchen, Pickle-Licious, Valley Creamery, and more.

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Other Markets’ Response in the Area

Of course, this news comes just a week the Hoboken Farmers’ Market announced that it will still be returning on June 2nd in front of the Demarest School every Tuesday from 2:00PM-7:30PM on Garden Street between 4th and 5th Streets.

“One outdoor activity that we have determined can safely re-open with added precautions, beginning June 2nd, is our Hoboken Farmers’ Market, located on Garden Street between 4th and 5th Street,” Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a previous press release.

“The vendors and staff have agreed to additional social distancing regulations including increasing the space between each vendor by operating on both sides of the block, a requirement of all staff, vendors, and customers to wear gloves and face masks, and each side of the street operating in one direction with pedestrian traffic. I ask residents to please take extra precautions when heading to the farmers’ market,” he continued.

As for Jersey City, a few markets have announced that they will be opening this year, with social distancing guidelines, of course}, so we can all get a farmers’ market fix. The Hamilton Park Farmers’ Market announced that this year it will “open as a ‘pick-up point’ which means all orders must be made online and in advance.”

“Although this is how the market will open the season, we hope to secure enough volunteers to open to a ‘purchase point’ market at a later date,” according to its website.

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Additionally, the Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers’ Market has actually opened for business on Monday, May 11th. The opening, however, does come with some social distancing limitations. It will be complying with all social distancing recommendations to keep vendors and shoppers safe, and this year, the market will span both the Grove PATH Plaza and the First Green area of the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall for added space. And to take it to another level, shoppers will be able to browse online, make purchases, pay, and pick up groceries at the market — browse the offerings here.

As for the rest of the 2020 market season, we’ll keep you updated as more farmers’ market information becomes available. For a full list of farmer’s markets click here, though some may still be closed so it’s best to check directly with the market.

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