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Hoboken’s Free Sunday Parking Explained + More Parking Tips

by Samantha Impaglia
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Parking in a busy area is a task in itself – especially when it comes to Hoboken. With tons of rules and regulations to follow, like when you have to pay, when you don’t, and where you can and cannot park – one little mishap can result in an unwanted parking ticket. To help you avoid this and ease any parking stress, we’re here to let you know about Sunday parking and some other tips to keep in mind. Read on for what we know about Sunday parking in Hoboken and some other helpful tips.

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Is Parking Free on Sunday?

Yes, kind of. Generally, if you’re not parked illegally – like in front of a fire hydrant or a red curb, etc. – you can park in certain areas in Hoboken on Sundays without repercussions for not paying. There are some exceptions to this rule, though.

You cannot park in a resident permit parking only zone (identified by a green sign with white letters) unless you are absolutely positive you have the right, as a resident permit needs to be shown at all times. For the other side of the streets, the visitor parking (white signs with green letters), you can park there for up to four hours for free before your host has to attain the proper visitor parking permit for you to continue to keep your car there.

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As for metered parking, it is completely free to park in these zones from 9PM – 9AM, but make sure to double-check the signs as tweaks to this do exist.

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Other Parking Tips

  • – Although the first few hours of parking are free for visitors on one side of the street, this does not mean you can just move to another street after the allotted time is up. This restriction is city-wide, meaning the limit is over and you cannot park again for free in Hoboken until the next day.
  • – Street cleaning and temporary/emergency regulations go above all other regulations, and it’s always necessary to be aware of state and local parking laws, signage, crosswalks, stop signs, bus stops, fire hydrants, handicapped spaces, Corner Cars, and driveways, so be mindful of that.
  • – There are many types of parking permits for residents, their guests, and their employees/workers in Hoboken, so be careful which one you choose. If you need a visitor permit, it must be issued by a Hoboken resident. They can all be found here.
  • – There are also garage/lot parking options, five of which are available for visitors in addition to street parking. You can find information on them here.

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If you’re still unsure about a parking situation in Hoboken, visit the parking website here. You can also visit the office on the ground floor of Hoboken City Hall at 94 Washington Street, send an email to [email protected], or call 201-653-1919 with any concerns or questions.

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