3 Products You Need for Flawless Spray Tan

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When it comes to spray tanning, there’s a lot that goes into the perfect tan {read our tips here!}. But for that flawless, lasting glow, there are a few things you must do: Exfoliate, wear comfy clothes, and use a natural tan extender. Sounds easy, but not if you don’t know the items to buy. To help you, we’re rounding up three products you need for a flawless spray tan we’ve come across lately — no orange/streaky disasters allowed.

1. Wear and Away “Tan” Dresses


Ever get a spray tan and then forget to bring something besides the jeans you walked in with to wear afterwards resulting in totally ruining your flawless application? Wear and Away has the simple-yet-genius solution for this. Call this your ‘Little Tan Dress” — a recyclable dress that you can wear after a spray tan or a massage (instead of having to bring “loose-fitting, dark clothing” that you still end up ruining anyway). Made of eco-friendly materials, the dress is washable, travel-friendly, and a perfect bridesmaid gift if we do say so ourselves (at a mere $15 each). They have a variety of colors, but the black is your best bet. See more of Wear and Away’s collection here

2. Kaffe Cosmetics Kona Facial Coffee Scrub


For the spray tan junkies, you know that smooth, exfoliated skin is key to a flawless glow. Recently, we tried the scrubs from Kaffe Cosmetics — and in a word: OBSESSED. Everything smells like coffee, is paraben- and fragrance-free, and slathers off the dead skin on your face and body in a gentle-yet-moisturizing way using coffee arabic seed oil found in Hawaii. If you weren’t familiar with coffee srabica seed oil, just know it’s known to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, prevent moisture loss, and promote skin hydration, among a host of other healthy benefits. Other studies have found that the topical application of caffeine can protect against the effects of ultraviolet light on skin such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness, not to mention mitigating the appearance of cellulite, reducing inflammation and redness in the skin, and improving the appearance of under-eye circles. So it’s a win-win combined with a spray tan. They also have a Vitamin C moisturizer that I’m dying to try. Read more about Kaffe Cosmetics here

3. True Natural Vegan/Organic Tanning Cream


To extend your tan and keep aglow for at least a few days longer, using some at-home cream is definitely worth it. The best cream we’ve found as of late (that is vegan and organic – essential these days) is True Natural. There’s a trifecta of products that you must get yourself, stat: Anti-Aging Perfect Tan Facial Self-Tanner and Moisturizer (2-in-1), Dancing With the Stars Shimmer Effect (ideal for adding an extra little pizzazz to your glow especially on the legs and arms), and Anti-Aging Vanilla Mandarin (intensely moisturizes while adding some glow). As far ingredients go, True Natural uses — you guessed it — natural ingredients, including vegetable-derived DHA and Erythrulose, to give your skin a gorgeous, natural tan without sun exposure. These two harmless ingredients react with the amino acids of the skin, resulting in a gorgeous tan providing a safe alternative to sun tanning, tanning beds and spray tanners! Tan results are visible after only 3-4 hours and last up to 1 week! Learn more about True Natural here


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