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Unique Facebook Groups to Join in Northern New Jersey

by Lauren Alberti
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Facebook can get a bad rap these days, but users sometimes forget that Facebook is home to countless groups that can be as broad or as specific as possible. Towns and cities often have Facebook groups where community members can post about local events, news, meetups, ask questions, and more. The North Jersey area has tons of groups that locals can join — it’s actually pretty difficult to weed out the ones worth joining. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite groups to join for New Jersey residents. 

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AMC New York – North Jersey 

This group is for members of the North Jersey Appalachian Mountain Club chapter to share hikes, trail and park info, ride shares, photos, videos, and any other mountain-related content. 

Beginning Hikers: North Jersey

For those who are interested in taking up hiking but not sure where to start. This group has your back. Join to learn about beginner-level trails in NJ, tips, and friends to go with. 

Child Free in Hoboken and Jersey City

A newer group to the scene — this is a group dedicated to celebrating the child-free lifestyle in the NYC metro area. Adults and couples without children by choice can connect and discover similar interests and passions outside of parenthood.

Girl Friendships in North Jersey

Making friends as an adult is difficult. Join this group to connect with other young women in the North Jersey area. 

Into the (New Jersey) Unknown

Think of this as a support group for those taking the leap of moving from NYC to NJ. Advice, support, and questions are all welcome.

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Native Plant Gardening in North Jersey

This group shares a love of native plant gardening. They discuss the benefits of native plants, problems that arise from invasive species (we’re looking at you, spotted lantern flies), and how to best care for native plants in your garden.  

New Jersey Casting Calls

This group is a job board for all things casting in NJ. Casting calls and auditions posted are all relevant to New Jersey residents. 

New Jersey Comedy Open Mics

Local producers post calls for comics as well as share dates for local shows.

New Jersey Dumpster Divers

Spending the weekends diving for discarded treasures? Here’s the place for fellow divers to connect about ideas, and diving spots, and show off their finds. 

New Jersey Foodies

Foodies unite to share their recent food adventures, favorite NJ restaurants, and share local food events happening around the state. 

New Jersey Gardeners

Trade tips and tricks, and show off your latest blooms with fellow NJ gardeners

New Jersey Mushroom Lovers

There is seemingly infinite knowledge to gain when it comes to mushrooms. Knowing the species, where to find them, which are edible, which are poisonous, and so on. Local mushroom hunters show off their finds and help each other identify species in this group.

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NJ/NYC/PA Creative Collective

A community for NYC-area creatives to connect and talk about ideas, processes, equipment recommendations, and more. 

North Jersey Food Lovers: What and Where to Eat in Northern NJ

The place to share anything and everything about dining in North Jersey — from where to eat to what to order. 

North Jersey Magic The Gathering Community

Looking for people to play MTG with? This is a good place to start!

North Jersey Pickleball

It’s all the rage right now — find courts to play, people to learn from, and locals to play with. 

Weird New Jersey

Locals and visitors share their Weird NJ experiences — anything from ghosts, spirits, and aliens, to the Jersey Devil — and share where to find the locations from legends that have been told over New Jersey campfires for generations.

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