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6 New Ways to Explore Hoboken This Spring

by Michele
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If you’ve lived in Hoboken awhile, you probably have your favorite go-to spots for everything from manicures to margaritas to macchiatos. But if you’re new to town, the sheer amount of cool places to go can be intimidating. While the Mile Square is brimming with boutique shops, well-stocked bars, and tasty restaurants, trying to get to all of them is nearly impossible, because just when you think you’ve conquered all the best places in town, a new one opens, your favorite place moves, or even worse… they close. So, whether you’ve lived here for 5 minutes or 5 years, it’s time for you to find new ways to explore Hoboken. Here’s how.

1. Treat yourself to your guiltiest pleasure at a new place each week.

Regardless if your guilty pleasure is a good slice of Sicilian or a luxurious spa pedicure, the options for where to find THE BEST of your favorite thing are plentiful in Hoboken. Challenge yourself to pick a new place each time you decide to treat yo’ self {whether it’s to pizza or a pedicure} and be prepared to find that you may fall in love with more than one Sicilian in Hoboken.

2. Plan a date-night {or girls’ night} bar crawl.


“Where should we go tonight?” is probably the best and worst question of all time. There are a million places you always say you want to try, but when it comes down to it, you can’t pick just one. Our advice? Don’t! Pick a couple places and zigzag your way across town sampling signature cocktails and small bites from a variety of places. When you find yourself on the other end of town, well-fed, and no longer thirsty, you won’t need to zigzag back home. Because, Uber.

3. Go for a run.

Wait, wait! Hear us out on this one! Hoboken may be known for being one of the most walkable towns in the country, but let’s be real, sometimes you don’t have time to just stroll around. Running, however, checks off several items on your weekend bucket list. Exercise? Check. Explore Hoboken? Check. Window shop several stores without actually buying anything because you’re too sweaty to try clothes on? Check. You’re welcome, wallet. Now that you’ve perused the store fronts, you can go back with a plan of where you want to shop. {Bonus: that skirt you saw in the window will go great with your new runner’s legs.}

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4. Or a bike ride.  

Didn’t convince you on the whole running thing, huh? Good news, cycling through town is just as great. Hoboken is super bike-friendly and our biking community is huge. With increasing bike lanes and racks popping up all over the Mile Square, exploring Hoboken on two wheels is an excellent way to discover your next favorite go-to place. Don’t own a bike? Hoboken offers a Bike Share program where you can rent a bike for just $2 {plus tax} and ride around for 30 minutes. With stations littered throughout town and a mobile app, Hudson Bike Share makes exploring the streets almost too easy. PS: Wear a helmet!

5. Go on a hunt for the best view of the city.

Hoboken may boast having THE BEST of a lot of things, but we undoubtedly have the absolute best view of the New York City skyline. Whether you’re at a roof top bar, a spot on Sinatra Drive, or stretched out over the Hudson on one of Hoboken’s many piers, you’re literally only steps away from a front row seat to a breathtaking view. Those lights never get old, so have fun searching out all the best places to take it all in. And of course, capture it on Insta {and tag @HobokenGirlBlog}!

6. Start Insta-stalking.

If you’re feeling less than adventurous or if you just don’t know where to start, fire up your Instagram. Start following your favs and see what other suggested places pop up. Restaurants, bars, shops, spas, and salons always post current specials, brunch menus, and new styles. Get lost in the Insta black hole and be the one with the inside scoop on all things Hoboken by searching the hashtag #Hoboken – easy peasy. And if you need some more suggestions for where to go, don’t worry, we’ve always got your back with the latest and greatest that Hudson County has to offer.

How are you exploring town this weekend?

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