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New Mobile Coffee Truck, Drip, Takes Over the Streets of Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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There is a new coffee shop in town, and it’s completely mobile. Drip, the name of the coffee truck, has recently taken over the streets of Jersey City, bringing its “rhythm and brews” along for the fun. Founded by Eric Maury, Drip brings a “different concept, different attitude, and most definitely, different music” to the average coffee shop. Read on to learn more about Jersey City’s newest food truck, Drip.

drip coffee truck jersey city nj

^ Drip Founder Eric Maury in front of Drip’s truck

The Background

Jersey City resident, Eric Maury, shared with Hoboken Girl how Drip came to be.

“It started as a really simple idea. We (his former co-workers) were throwing a rhetorical question around at work and it was something like ‘what would you do with your life if money wasn’t a factor?’ I said I would open a coffee shop and I would listen to 90s R&B music,” Maury shared with Hoboken Girl. “So it kind of started like that and then blossomed into something more. We wanted to set out and build a coffee shop in a very mobile fashion. Everything you can expect at your favorite coffee shop, we have the ability to do.”

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Maury said he sought out a truck to buy over a year ago, early on in the pandemic. After coming across a vintage 1964 Shasta camper on Facebook marketplace, he knew it would be the perfect fit to revamp and make his mobile business. After he “stripped it down,” he then sent it over to a fabricator, which took about six months due to delays from COVID.

drip coffee truck jersey city

(Photo credit: @dripcoffeeculture)

After some final touches were made to the truck by artist Sean Aye — street graffiti to go along with the 90s R&B music, hence the logo “rhythm and brew” — voilà, the truck was ready to go.

While Maury says his business is just getting started, he already has long-term goals in mind of “trying to build something for the future as well.”

“The vision’s a little bigger than just a mobile coffee shop but I think coffee’s kind of one of those beautiful things that are a way to bring people together, and then from there it’s like, ‘What’s the experience around the coffee shop? What’s the experience when you do bring those people together?’” he explained. “I think from a brand perspective, we want to be something a little bit different than most traditional coffee shops. I think long-term we want to build something … like a cultural marketplace.”

drip coffee culture jersey city

(Photo credit: @dripcoffeeculture)

The Menu

Drip, which features beans by the brand Counter Culture Coffee, serves a variety of coffee, espresso, and lattes. Aside from the small business’s specialty coffee drip, visitors can find cold brew, Americano, caramel macchiato, cappuccino, cortado, and hot chocolate among other hot and iced drinks on the menu.

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The tea selection, courtesy of Rishi Tea, can be served hot or iced and consists of the flavors matcha, chai, Earl Grey, jasmine, and scarlet. The cup sizes are either “smalls” or “biggie” and non-dairy milk options are available (oat, almond, and hemp).

drip coffee mobile jersey city

(Photo credit: @dripcoffeeculture)

The café-on-the-go’s biggest draw, aside from the coffee, of course, is its pastries by Balthazar Bakery, a well-known bakery with locations in Englewood, NJ, and Soho, NY.

Visitors will find a scrumptious selection of savory treats, a mix of croissants, danish, scones, and buns to go along with their drink of choice.

balthazar bakery jersey city drip

(Photo credit: @balthazarbakery)

Where to Find Drip

Starting out in Hamilton Park for the first two weeks of opening (the official launch date was May 24th), Drip then made its mark on Christopher Columbus Drive. Most recently, it was in front of the apartment complex The Enclave.

Given that the company is licensed to serve all over Jersey City, there’s no telling where the next stop will be!

“The [Hamilton Park] community really likes the idea of having a good coffee shop in the area so we’ll definitely be going there a lot, but we’ll also be going towards The Enclave and south of Hoboken. We also had planned before we launched to bring it towards Avalon [Cove Apartments], towards downtown [Jersey City], so we’ll be working there as well,” Maury said.

“And really, we’ll be looking to bring it to residential buildings and commercial buildings in Jersey City, and doing different events on the weekend.”

drip coffee rhythm brew jersey city

(Photo credit: @balthazarbakery)

The location and hours of operation of when and where Drip will be on a given day will be posted every morning on its Instagram account, which can be found here. Normal operating hours are from 7AM to 5PM, but can change depending on the location.

For a full list of coffee shops in Jersey City, see this list, and see this list for a guide to coffee shops in Hoboken.


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