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DIY Valentine’s Day Craft: Upcycled Jewelry Box {for Your Girls!}

by Michelle Pulman
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Valentine’s Day is typically marked with jewelry, flowers, and chocolates from your significant other. But why not show the other loves of your life {your girlfriends!} how much they mean to you? This project takes only a few minutes and is a fun way to upcycle and personalize a unique jewelry box for each and every one of your loves.

What you’ll need:



I found a plain jewelry box at Michael’s for about $8, but you can use any box you find or have lying around the house. Check out one of our favorite local shops to see what’s available! The box can be glass or acrylic and any shape you like, but should have a clear top.


First, measure the length and width of the inside of the box. The easiest way to measure accurately is to flip the box over and measure from the bottom panel.



Once you have your measurements, it’s time to cut the glitter tape to fit the inside of the box. {I chose to use gold, but this tape comes in a million glittery colors and varying widths; it’s really a lot of fun! Choose a friend’s favorite color to make it extra special}. The jewelry box I used was a square, which needed only two pieces of glitter tape to cover the full surface.



Tip: Make sure to measure the tape very carefully so that it perfectly covers the inside surface of the box. You might have to trim the tape slightly after measuring. Take your time because measurement is the most important step!

Once the tape is cut, carefully peel off the back and slowly place the tape sticky side down on the inside of the box. Once in place, press firmly for a few seconds.



Tip: This tape is incredibly sticky so make sure that you’re happy with its placement before you press it into the box because once it’s on, it isn’t coming off!

After your first piece of tape is secure, measure the remaining surface that needs to be covered and cut a second {or third, if necessary} piece of tape.



Follow the same instructions as above, being careful to line up the tape edges carefully. The good thing about this project is that there’s no waiting or drying time involved; once the tape is in place, you’re almost done!



The very last step is to write your friend a fun Valentine’s Day message across the top of the box using a paint marker. Choose a marker that’s specifically made for glass or plastic and pick any color you like. I chose gold, but this would also be really cute in a bright pink or red! I wrote, hello, gorgeous! but you can write anything that’s meaningful.



We like the idea of penning an inside joke or a short love note that reminds your friend how much she means to you. The paint will take only a few minutes to dry and then you’re done! Wrap a bow around the box and you’re all set!




We’d love to see what you guys create for Valentine’s Day, so tweet/IG us your pics {@HobokenGirlBlog}! And for more DIY and design inspiration, check out Michelle’s design blog at GirlontheHudson.com.

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