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All About Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City

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A bright and cheery smile can make anyone’s day. Modern Family Dentistry, located at 551 Jersey Ave in Jersey City (just a short distance from the Grove Street PATH), provides all the necessary treatments to help you look and feel your best — including Botox which the team introduced in 2022 to help patients with jaw and migraine issues.  Keep reading to learn more about Modern Family Dentistry + its wide range of treatments for clients.

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All About Modern Family Dentistry

Modern Family Dentistry is a local dentist that delivers expertise, a diverse set of skills, and a wide range of services, from laser dentistry to Botox. Dr. Jennifer Marin and Dr. Ari Crystal-Ornelas, both equipped with extensive experience in the industry and providing compassionate care, cultivate a welcoming environment for children and adults. Available by special request only, Dr. Yasmi Crystal also carries years of leadership experience in the industry. Additionally, Dr. Maria Cecilia Duprat provides orthodontic care in-office.

“We create a comfortable situation for patients to receive necessary dental treatment in a way that educates them towards better decisions for their overall health and caters to phobias and personal preferences to ensure the best health outcomes,” said Dr. Marin.

Modern Family Dentistry also utilizes modern technology, research, and patient education to provide the best health and esthetic outcomes. For example, the dentist’s office features a same-day crown CAD/CAM system, digital scanning, laser technology, and injectables like Botox.

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Modern Family Dentistry’s Treatments

Some of Modern Family Dentistry’s special services include:

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  • Free Botox, Invisalign, and whitening consultations by Dr. Marin.
  • Same-day crowns.
  • Orthodontics by Dr. Rupali Shah.
  • Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Laser Dentistry.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Ari Crystal.

modern family dentistry

“We believe it is essential to educate our patients about proper hygiene techniques and the impact of diet on oral health,” said Dr. Marin.

Additionally, the dentist’s office provides aesthetics like corrective, preventive, and routine care to the muscles, teeth, and other structures, Botox for jaw issues, migraines, and cosmetics, wedding-day prep with whitening, Invisalign, and cosmetic dentistry options, preservation of natural tooth structure, and prevention of oral disease.

In early 2022, Modern Family Dentistry added Botox treatments to their services, which can help relieve pain caused by clenching jaws or grinding teeth in your sleep. These treatments have been proven to reduce soreness in the teeth and facial muscles, which patients often experience when they wake up in the morning. Botox injections by the Modern Family Dentistry team can also be strategically placed to reduce migraines and pain from clenching, which we 10/10 recommend.

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Catering to Clients with Various Needs

Many individuals struggle with fears and phobias related to the dentist. At Modern Family Dentistry, the team provides a welcoming and accommodating environment for all clients. In fact, the office provides thorough and reassuring dental consultations for patients who are afraid of dentistry or have complex dental needs.

“Modern Family Dentistry is proud to cater to children, adults, and special needs patients,” said Dr. Marin. “[Our] main goal is to provide long-lasting, optimal oral health for every child and adult we care for while providing a relaxed, gentle, and positive atmosphere.”

The dentist’s office features advanced dental equipment like low-radiation digital X-rays, comfortable and easy X-ray experiences, computerized, pain-free anesthesia, 3D digital tooth scanning for taking molds, and laser dentistry.

Our dentists and team are local Jersey City residents committed to providing our patients with the most positive, modern, and pain-free dental experience possible,” Dr. Marin added. “Modern Family Dentistry is devoted to building the community in Jersey City and surrounding areas through dental care.”

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Modern Family Dentistry is located at 551 Jersey Ave, Suite A in Jersey City. For client inquiries, call 917-561-7256 or email [email protected].

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