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This Hoboken Daycare Center is Now Open After a Year of Pandemic Struggles

by Ainsley Layland
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Hudson County businesses are no stranger to the negative effects of the pandemic. This childcare facility in Hoboken embarked on what should have been a four-month timeline that eventually became a year-long journey to open its doors. Dear World Academy is now open for enrollment. The program combines a strong curriculum, a thoughtfully designed space, and exceptional teachers to offer a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. Keep reading to learn more about Dear World Academy and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

dear world academy daycare hoboken

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How Dear World Academy Got Started

Andrew Winters and Mindy Zhong, the owners at Dear World Academy, had the idea for a daycare in Hoboken about five years ago, after the birth of their first child. They turned to Mindy’s father for advice, hoping to harness his decades of expertise in the early childhood education field.

“We spent time working and learning from him since we knew we wanted to get involved in the early childhood education space. Laying this foundation continued until the birth of our daughter which is when we were actually able to put all that knowledge to good use,” Andrew told Hoboken Girl. “During this preparation phase, we created a team of experts in the early childhood education industry to help select the curriculum, design the classes, construct the space, and ultimately get us ready to open up the childcare center.”

Initial plans of opening in 2019 fell through due to a lack of qualified spaces that fit their specific requirements. Eventually they found the right location at 101 Marshall Street in Hoboken. What started out as a 4-month plan eventually turned into almost a year of construction and paperwork but Dear World Academy officially opened in September.

The Dear World Academy Philosophy

The philosophy at Dear World Academy highlights the need for a safe and nurturing environment as children begin to explore the world.

“We want this center to be the starting point to introduce young children to the world. Most children, before coming to the center, have spent the majority of their time with a parent or caregiver. When they are ready to get out of their comfort zone and explore the outside world we want Dear World Academy to be the place that makes them feel comfortable and welcome to do just that,” Andrew told Hoboken Girl. “Whether it is for daycare, teacher-led classes, or open play, we want to be there to support both the child and their parents in this next big step, especially given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.”

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The Curriculum + the Space

Dear World Academy uses one of the state-recommended programs, Creative Curriculum. The infant/toddler rooms were designed using the Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale 3 (ITERS-3) which is an industry-leading publication on how to design and implement a classroom space.

The large indoor play space is one of the highlights of the space and is primarily made available exclusively to the daycare children but is available for community open play and scheduled birthday parties.

dear world academy daycare hoboken

dear world academy

What to Expect at Dear World Academy

At Dear World Academy daycare is focused on ages 0-3, School readiness is for 3 to 5, enrichment classes are designed for children 6 months to 5 years old, and the large open play space is geared towards children ages 1 to 7. Dear World Academy also puts on summer camps, provides drop-off programs, and hosts birthday parties. 

Cleaning Protocol + Health Precautions

The open play space is cleaned and sanitized between each play session and each guest ages two and up are required to wear a mask. Everyone who enters the building must fill out a health screening and submit to a temperature check. Frequent hand washing or sanitizing is encouraged for both staff and guests. Employees must show proof of vaccination or for those who have an EEOC exemption, they are required to get tested twice weekly. The building is equipped with HEPA filters for the three separate HVAC which helps to isolate air. 


Daycare at Dear World Academy utilizes the Creative Curriculum to enhance the classroom experience. Students learn new material while improving their interpersonal skills in small groups. Classes are currently capped at limits under the state guidelines to ensure the health and safety of students, families, and staff. Both the infant room and the young toddler room are capped at 8 students, resulting in a one to four student-teacher ratios. The toddler room is currently capped at 12 students for a one to six student-to-teacher ratios.

Open Play

Open Play gives each child the chance to explore the Dear World Academy Play gym. There is plenty to do to keep little ones entertained. Children can play on the play structure, explore the little town, or utilize their imagination in the construction corner. Open Play is $25 per child for two hours. Infants nine months and under are free. You can also schedule a private play session online for 10 children for $225.

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Enrichment Classes

Classes at Dear World Academy offer a range of enrichment activities focused on students from 6 months to 6 years old. Classes are $30 per child and include sensory, arts and crafts, music and movement, and STEM. Students learn new skills and make important learning connections all while socializing with their peers. Each class is about 45 minutes long with an optional 1-hour open play add-on for $10.

Birthday Parties

Dear World Academy hosts birthday parties in the large play area giving the host ample room for a decent-sized guest list. From a simple play date to a complex-themed birthday party, Dear World Academy can host it. Packages start from $350 to $750 for a party of 12 children.

“The best part of running our center is seeing children enjoy what we have created, it reassures us that we did things right. We love to see the children learn and grow, knowing that we are preparing them for their future is incredibly rewarding,” Andrew said. “We want to be the place where a child can have fun while feeling safe as they learn about the world.”

dear world academy daycare hoboken

Dear World Academy is located in the southwest corner of Hoboken at 101 Marshall Street. You can call 201-238-2449 with questions or email info@dearworldacademy.com. Don’t forget to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ in-person or use the discount code “HOBOKENGIRL” online to receive $10 off of your first visit.

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