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Say It Isn’t So — Hoboken Bidding Farewell to Local Dive Bar DC’s Tavern

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It’s always a sad day in Hoboken when we have to say goodbye to a local business — after all, local businesses are the lifeblood of our precious Mile Square. But this recently announced closure will especially hurt if you’re a lover of dive bars, are a draft beer enthusiast, a sucker for cheap {and heavy} pours, good conversation, or all of the above. Hoboken will be saying goodbye to DC’s, what some people affectionately refer to as the “Cheers of Hoboken.”

DC’s Tavern at 505 8th Street in Hoboken has been a go-to for many dive bar-lovers looking for a good time away from the “main” bar scene on Washington Street for nearly 20 years. Now, it is closing its doors for good. Read on to learn more about DC’s closure in Hoboken. 

dcs tavern closing

The Closure

dcs inside

Though we’ve been hearing rumblings for months, the news was first officially released by Extra Mile Pet Care, a local friend of DC’s. Extra Mile posted an event on Facebook and Instagram called “The Last DC’s Dog Days,” and wrote in the caption, “This is going to be our last time doing dog days out of @dcstavern, 505 8th Street. Sadly, the bar will be closing, so we will be going all out. Come down, have a few drinks, and enter our raffle. All proceeds go to @wiseanimalrescue and their tireless effort to save all the puppies.”

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Since the announcement, the official DC’s Facebook has been deactivated. Their Instagram has not officially announced the closure news. However, they have alluded to it in a variety of posts, indicating that this coming Thursday would be the “Last First Thursday” at DC’s, so it looks like it’s very soon. DC’s also wrote on their Instagram that they’d be closing in a few weeks, even though this is the last of the firsts.

Yesterday, that news was confirmed. According to hMag, DC’s bartender Bill Moylan said that it’s been “a decision that has been coming for a long time.”

“It’s nearly happened a few times. This time it’s actually going through,” Moylan told hMag.

We have reached out for additional comments from the owners, but the outreach went unanswered.

About DC’s

dcs tavern

DC’s has been a dive bar staple in the Mile Square since the early 2000s. Having opened in 2003, DC’s has been a staple spot for local neighbors in West Hoboken + Jersey City for almost two decades.


The interior has always felt like a true-blue dive bar, with concert flyers, stickers, and scraps of newspaper clippings lining the walls. And the drinks? They gave off a dive-y feel, too, with beer prices as low as a few dollars and an extensive array of whiskey and other spirits to choose from.

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DC’s was particularly a fan-favorite of those active in Hoboken’s music scene. Local musicians and lovers of music of all kinds would gather at DC’s on the weekdays, weekends – whenever – to drink, talk about music, and of course, play pool. It wasn’t uncommon to hear everything from punk to blues to rock, and often on a record player. And of course, it was dog friendly, which made it all the more fun.

There is no word yet on which business will take the space of DC’s, rest assured, it’s not all closures and sad news in the Mile Square as of late. Hoboken has been seeing a lot of openings in the past few months, including Curry Up Now – Indian fast-casual cuisine – at 91 Washington Street, a new deli called Pastrami House at 832 Washington Street, and Little City Books and bwè kafe at 1405 Adams Street. Not to mention, Monroe’s Cocktail Bar is justopening up at the old Biggie’s at 36-41 Newark Street.

We may be saying farewell to something special, but there’s also a lot of new and good to come. DCs’, you will be missed.

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