David Blaine’s Ascension Relocated from the Hudson River — to Arizona

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After a decade away from the limelight, the acclaimed magician, David Blaine announced on August 12th that would be unveiling a magic trick called “Ascension.” But in a rather unique turn of events on the morning of his takeoff, Blaine, a New York City resident, announced that he’d be relocating the project from the Hudson River…to Arizona.

Blaine was attempting to fly over the Hudson River from New Jersey to New York City by simply holding onto helium balloons — and will now be doing so thousands of miles away.

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Just minutes before his takeoff, Blaine tweeted that he’d be relocating. “It’s also really complex so it will now take place in Arizona. I’m hoping to ascend in a few days, so set a reminder to get notified when I take off.”

The Magic Trick, Before It Moved West

“Worry becomes wonder, anxiety turns to awe, and the mundane becomes the magical,” Blaine’s trailer teaser stated. And now, as Hudson County residents, we can definitely call it a “teaser”

Blaine tweeted August 12th that viewers coul watch him scale the Hudson River with nothing but helium balloons live via his YoutTube channel. It’s was unknown from what part of New Jersey he planned to descend from, but now — that’s water under the bridge {or over the tunnel, if we’re being literal}.

“David Blaine will redefine magic once again for an unprecedented live event at a time when the world could use a positive distraction. He will bring wonder, hope, and untethered possibility as he tackles his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet,” his YouTube channel stated.

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About David Blaine

David Blaine is an American magician, illusionist, and extreme performer. He quickly gained fame as he began to break one world record after another. This Brooklyn native was inspired by magicians on the subway, and eventually redefined the concept of magic in the modern world.

His career hit new heights when he aired his first television show in 1997 known as David Blaine: Street Magic aired on ABC. What was unique about this, was that the cameras focused on the people watching him perform his stunts, not so much him. It was the reactions of the viewers that made his approach a hit.

Some of his famous magic tricks are Buried Alive {he was entombed in an underground plastic box underneath a three-ton water-filled tank for seven days}, Frozen in Time {he attempted and failed to stand in a large block of ice located in Time Square for 72 hours}, Vertigo {a crane lifted him onto a 100 feet high and 22 inches wide pillar in Bryant Park}, and Drowned Alive {he was submersed in an 8 feet diameter, water-filled sphere containing saline in front of the Lincoln Center}.

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In 2009, Blaine released a TED Talk that describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes, breaking a world record.

As his profile grew, so did his list of private performances. Blaine has performed in front of U.S presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as other well-known celebrities and public figures such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking, Drake, Olivia Wilde, Kanye West, Robert DeNiro, Margot Robbie, and more.

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